A Washington D.C. Lawyer Describes A Sham Marriage That Ended In Death
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From: Charles Black (e-mail him)

Over the last seven years, Joe Guzzardi has made a compelling case for a cracking down on sham marriages, whether they originate with K-1 visas or involve desperate immigrants in the U.S. seeking green cards and citizenship.

Last week, a Washington D.C. pizzeria owner, Pakistani Shahabuddin Rana, was murdered because of his involvement in his brother's bogus marriage to African-American Shanika Robinson.

AAccording to the story, Rana had agreed to pay Robinson $500 a week to marry his brother, apparently in the U.S. illegally. But when Rana learned that Robinson was "having sexual affairs," he cut her money off. (Affidavit here.)

Then, reported the Washington Post,

 "Robinson, accompanied by three men, allegedly confronted Rana while he was alone in the 24-hour pizzeria late August 17 or early August 18. Police said his assailants slashed and beat Rana, fracturing his skull in several places, then tried to burn his body before fleeing with about $2,000 in cash and packages of Newport cigarettes and Dutch Masters and Black and Mild cigars." [Green Card Scam Tied to Slaying at Pizzeria, by Paul Duggan, August 28, 2009]

Certainly there are enough American-born Muslims in the Metropolitan D.C. area that Rana's brother could have married without having to resort cross-cultural brides with criminal tendencies and violent friends.

And what a price everyone involved paid: the suspects are in jail, the enabler is dead and his family destroyed.

Black's previous letters about the Department of Homeland Security visa waiver program and Barney Frank's immigration advocacy are here and here. Black describes himself as a Democrat who is "100 percent" on our side of the immigration debate.

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