An African-American Health Care Professional In Arizona Says Blacks May Have Missed The Boat
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07/21/07 - Saturday Forum: A New Jersey Reader Says Favoritism Toward Aliens In Health Care May Force Him To Move West; etc.

From: [Name Withheld]

Re: Joe Guzzardi's Column: Blacks Join The Immigration Fray—At Last!

I am an African-American health care financial consultant. Without a doubt, illegal aliens from Mexico are one of the main reasons hospitals (in California and other western states) are going bankrupt.  Their demands on emergency room and obstetrics are relentless.  Of course, the services they receive are free to them but very expensive to the taxpayer. Plus the aliens have the added bonus of citizenship babies that eventually leads to their own citizenship.

Mexico is a failed state that is bleeding its corruption into our society by pushing their poor people north and trying to guilt us into accepting it. 

An example: I reviewed one woman's chart where she had entered the country illegally four times to have her babies born in the US. Now she receives Medicaid for her children.

For years, I have also been telling my black brothers that they have become insignificant behind Hispanics. According to the Census Bureau website, there will be 100 million Mexicans in America by 2050. Wow!

As a black man I am deeply disappointed that many blacks did not take advantage of the Civil Rights movement when they had the chance. Now I fear for my people as well as my country. More than 60 percent of black babies are born out of wedlock and 33 percent of black youths have spent at least some time in jail.  

Rome eventually imploded because of illegal immigrants, crime, war on terror and corrupt politicians owned by corporatists. I see the same scenario here.

The writer holds two masters degrees—one in public health and the other in business.

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