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Kipling Considered

Old Eyebrows is in the news, I see. Everyone is welcome to my take on him back in 2000, which I think has brought in more reprint requests than anything else I've written.  Sample: I do not mean to...
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Black Republican Senator Tim Scott Chooses Race Over Party In Nomination Of White Male Judge

Black Republican Senator Tim Scott has chosen race over party in the nomination of white Republican judge. According to THE HILL: If Republicans had pushed forward with the vote, Bounds's nominatio...
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Google CEO: Lagos, Nigeria Represents "How Things Will Evolve Over the Next Ten to 20 Years"

  From City Journal, we find out what Google CEO Sundar Pichai, last in the news being forced to fire James Damore by underling Susan Wojcicki’s hissy fit, is up to: Lagos: Hope and Warnin...
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Kiddie Border-Jump Racket Gets A Name In Portuguese: "Cai Cai"

As I have noted before, you don't have to walk far in the business district of any city in a Sun People country before you see a shingle advertising help on how to game U.S. immigration laws. World-wid...
article By F. Roger Devlin on 2018-07-19 13:08:00 -0400

Foreshock: The Alt-Right Introduces Itself

Six months ago, I reviewed Prof. George Hawley’s Making Sense of the Alt-Right for  Although a conscientious scholar, the author had proven unable (I concluded) to understand his subject mat...
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Kipling's "If--" Obliterated for Being Oppressive

From The Telegraph: Rudyard Kipling’s ‘If’ poem scrubbed off wall by students who claim he was a ‘racist’ Camilla Turner, education editor18 JULY 2018 • 4:00PM … Student leaders at Manchester Un...
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The Media’s War On Beckys

From DiversityInc, a website for corporate diversity industry professionals: Harvard Director Latest #Becky, Harasses Biracial Toddler Theresa Lund demands to know if neighbor is in an “affordable ...
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And Then They Came for ... Borat

From Slate: Borat Exposed American Prejudice, but It Indulged Our Xenophobia, Too What it’s like to rewatch Sacha Baron Cohen’s breakout movie during the Trump presidency.By INKOO KANG JULY 17, 2...
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Ann Coulter: Putin Is Killing Americans With His Invasion Over The Southern Border! (Oh, Wait...)

I don't know what Trump said during that two hours when he met privately with Russian President Vladimir Putin, but like so many in the media, I know what I hope he said: Mr. Putin, I need you to pub...
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The Marriage Market: The View from Tonga

From Barbarian Days: A Surfing Life by William Finnegan, a scene in the Pacific kingdom of Tonga, c. 1978: The girls who worked in the guesthouse were having their fortunes told. Tupo, a sleepy-eye...