Turkey, China, Demonstrate Political Dangers Of Mass Migration, Diasporas
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Earlier by James Kirkpatrick: Time To Take On Turkey—And End Weaponized Migration

Treason Lobbyists tell the populations they aim to dispossess and replace that mass immigration is an innocuous force that diversifies a country, makes it more vibrant and dynamic, and improves the economy. Or, as they say, “diversity is our strength.” But that obfuscates some of the most insidious aspects of Open-Borders globalism. Immigration these days, after all, is more than just a random movement of people that offers access to ethnic cuisine or boosts GDP.  Immigration is undeniably political. Immigration patriots know all too well that most current immigrants vote for Leftists—or in our case, the Democrats [In The Year 2050, Democrats Will Have 68 Million More Voters Alive Than Republicans, Daily Veracity, February 27, 2018]. Additionally, mass migration is also a foreign policy tool for rising foreign powers. Two examples: Turkey and China, which use immigration to advance their national interests at the West’s expense. 

Turkey is notorious for its neo-Ottoman pretentions in the Middle East and Mediterranean: invading Syria in 2019, intervening in the Second Libyan Civil War, and nearly coming to blows with Greece over natural gas drilling rights:

But Turkey also has a few tricks up its sleeve on soft-power fronts. Chief among them is its ability to tap into its diaspora to lobby host countries to adopt pro-Turkish foreign and domestic policies.

European political observers are well acquainted with the Long Arm of Ankara [The Long Arm of Ankara, Allinfo, August 7, 2019].

Case in point: Germany. 

Turks began migrating to Germany as guest workers in the early 1960s, when the West German government rolled out a Gastarbeiterprogramm, or guest-worker program, which allowed Turks to stay longer in West Germany than previously [Sixty years of Turkish “guest workers,” The Economist, November 6, 2021]. Thousands of Turks headed to Germany to settle permanently. Today, there about 3 million people of Turkish origin living in Germany [Divided community with identity problem by Timur Tinç, Development and Cooperation, September 2, 2021]. The Turkish diaspora living in Europe is roughly 5.5 million [Even After Decades, Europe’s Turkish Diaspora Struggles for Recognition, by Nick Ashdown, New Lines Magazine, December 23, 2021].

And Turks are just one of several ethnic groups contributing to Europe’s Islamization. At least 26 million Muslims have colonized Europe [Europe’s Growing Muslim Population, Pew Research Center, November 29, 2017]. 

Unlike most Islamic countries, Turkey competently projects power abroad. Turks living in EU countries are proxies for Turkish strongman Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, who has tapped into the Turkish diaspora to demand the creation of Turkish-language schools in Germany and maintaining the public stance that the Ottoman Empire did not commit a genocide against the Armenians [The Turkish lobby in Germany by Stefan Hug, Neos Kosmos, July 31, 2012]. Similarly, Dutch elected officials have expressed concern that Erdoğan’s regime funded weekend schools that would teach children of Turkish-Dutch nationality about Turkish history, the language, and Sunni Islam [Dutch MPs says Turkish weekend school plan is ‘worrying,’ DutchNews.nl, August 13, 2018]. 

Red China uses similar methods with their nationals abroad. The Chinese Communist Party created the United Front Work Department to advance Chinese interests [Beijing’s welcome mat for overseas Chinese, by Jieh-Yung Lo, Lowy Institute, March 6, 2018]. In addition, the establishment of so-called Confucius Institutes helped the CCP promote seemingly harmless Mandarin and Chinese culture—which are, in fact, Chinese interests

Looks, in other words, are deceiving. 

As with Turkey, the CCP exploits these raw displays of soft power in open societies to establish footholds for its cultural influence programs, the purpose of which is to give China good optics. In turn, the CCP convinces otherwise skeptical minds that China is a benign actor…while its nationals behave like typical fifth columnists [Fifth Column Fears: The Chinese Influence Campaign in the United States by Eric Chan, The Diplomat, September 24, 2019]. 

Chinese nationals are already one of the largest legal migrant groups in the United States, and with talks about expanding legal immigration under the pretense of competing with China, CCP officials will exploit this opening. They will continue embedding spies in American universities and corporate boardrooms, not to mention the U.S. Congress and intelligence agencies. And from the looks of it, the CCP will have a walk in the park in doing so. 

One of the Biden Regime’s remarkably imprudent but unsurprising moves of late was closing a Justice Department program designed to tackle CCP espionage [DOJ shuts down China-focused anti-espionage program, by Josh Gerstein, Politico, February 23, 2022]. The reason? You guessed it: racism! Allegations of racial profiling directed against Chinese Americans and U.S. residents of Chinese origin prompted the Biden regime to shelve it. 

The lesson in Turkey’s and China’s leveraging mass migration and diaspora populations is this: It’s time we look at immigration politically. The American Right must wake up and recognize that immigration is a multi-faceted matter that affects a country on all fronts—from economics to national security. Only then can we form an America First immigration policy that serves the interests of the United States and the Historic American Nation. 

Then again, it cannot be stressed enough: The Stupid Party and Conservatism Inc. won’t likely confront this challenge. Thus, the Dissident Right must challenge and overthrow the GOP and Housebroken Right Elites and replace them with a cadre of certified immigration patriots. 

Only then can we hope to save the Historic American Nation. 


Pedro de Alvarado is a Hispanic dissident who is well aware of the realities of race from his experience living throughout Latin America and in the States.
As a native of lands conquered by brave Spaniards but later subverted by centuries of multiracial trickery and despotic governance, Pedro offers clear warnings to Americans about the perils of multiracialism.

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