Trump At Remembrance Project: "Clinton Is The First Person To Run For The Presidency Effectively Proposing To Abolish the Borders"
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Peter Brimelow writes: In response to the weekend’s devastating series of Muslim attacks, Donald J. Trump told Fox “Hillary Clinton wants to allow hundreds of thousands of these same people…You have to stop them from coming into the country…We can’t let any more people come into this country” [YouTube]

Maria Espinoza, National Director of The Remembrance Project and possessor of the most spectacular cheekbones in the immigration patriot movement, scored a great coup when GOP Presidential nominee Donald J. Trump spoke to her national conference in Houston September 17 and delivered a savage attack, not just on illegal immigration’s cost in American lives, but also on Hillary Clinton’s plans to go the full Merkel and open America’s borders to vastly increased legal immigration. If this election becomes a referendum on “comprehensive immigration reform” a.k.a. Amnesty/ Immigration Surge, it’s very hard to see how Trump can lose. Curiously, Trump’s speech did not receive much attention in the Main Stream Media, so we’re posting a transcript, with’s signature supporting hyperlinks, here.

Thank you, Maria [Espinoza], for your introduction and for the work that you and your organization do to honor these stolen American lives—and that’s what they are, stolen American lives—and to advocate for justice on behalf of all American victims, we thank you.

We thank you, folks. What you have to go through is unbelievable.

I’m honored to be here today and to shine a national spotlight on a group of victims that have been forced, and I mean truly forced, into the shadows. Your stories are not featured in the news. You have no demonstrators taking to the streets on your behalf. You have no special interests taking up your cause. And the politicians ignore your cries for help. But I never will. I never will.

And I’ve known many of you for a long time now—it seems like a long time, but I’m still here, and you’re still here, right? —we’re still fighting.

I’ve met many incredible people during the course of this campaign, but nothing has moved me more deeply than the time I’ve spent with the families of the Remembrance Project. The folks in Remembrance, by the way, are doing such an incredible job.

The strength and the courage that you’ve shown in your, very often lonely, fight for justice—we’ll get there. You are the heroes; you are. And your actions will help us to save the next thousand American citizens from losing their brothers and sisters, their sons and daughters and parents.

The most fundamental duty of government is to protect American lives. Anyone who fails to understand this is not fit to hold public office.

Every day that our border remains open, innocent Americans are needlessly victimized and killed. Every day Sanctuary Cities are left in place, innocent Americans are put in harm’s way. Every day we fail to enforce our laws, and this is absolutely happening all the time, is a day when a loving parent is at risk for losing their child, and it’s happening every single day.

All across this country, dining room tables have an empty seat because our government abandoned its duty and failed to enforce its basic laws.

There are a lot of numbers in the immigration debate. I’ve been talking about it for a long time. And obviously, people agree with me because you see what’s happening, you see the numbers, you see the polls, you see what’s going on at the rallies. A lot of people agree with me. Almost it seems that everybody agrees with me—you almost say: “What’s not to agree with?”

But let me give you the most important number of all. That most important number of all is the number of American lives that is acceptable to lose in the name of illegal immigration. Let me tell you what that number is:

Zero. Zero.

Our nation should not accept one lost American life because our country failed to enforce its laws.

What do you tell the mother who just buried her daughter because someone was released at the border who should have been sent home, or should have been in prison in another country?

What do you tell the young boy who will grow up without a dad because a criminal was deported five times but was allowed to keep coming back and coming back into our country and doing tremendous harm?

What do you tell the wife who has lost her husband because a Sanctuary City released an illegal immigrant from behind bars?

This has to end. It will end. If I become president, I promise you, that it will end.

I love you. I love everyone in this room. Special people.

Not one more American life should be given up in the name of Open Borders.


Just look what has happened in the last few days. Last week it was reported that authorities detained an illegal immigrant in the Austin area [Nicodemo Coria-Gonzalez, right] who is responsible for nearly a dozen sexual assaults and has been deported previously five times within a three-year period.[ Accused Austin serial predator has been deported to Mexico 5 times, by Andy Jechow and Brittany Glas, KXON,  September 6, 2016]

Earlier this week in Kansas, a Sheriff's Department Master Deputy was killed, apparently by an illegal immigrant. The driver [Adrian Espinosa-Flores] was previously arrested for DUI in California in 2001 and for traffic violations in Kansas. Deputy [Brandon] Collins was killed only hours after his daughter’s fourth birthday. [EXCLUSIVE: Twice Arrested Illegal Alien Kills Sheriff’s Deputy In DUI , by Alex Pfeiffer, Daily Caller, September 16, 2016]


A few days ago, two correctional officers in California were critically wounded after being shot by the illegal immigrant who overstayed his visa. This individual [Thong Vang, right] had been convicted of child rape and was slated to be deported, but his home country [Laos] refused to take him back. He was simply too bad, too tough, too evil. They said: “We refuse to take him back.” [See Fresno Gunman Was a Violent Convicted Felon Laos Would Not Receive in Deportation by Brenda Walker.]

One of the victims has six children, is an Air Force veteran, and a high school football coach. The other victim is a mother and a grandmother. [Jail visitor shoots 2 correctional officers in California, By Faith Karimi, CNN,September 4, 2016]

When Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State, the matter of this country—and think of this— the matter of this country refusing to take back its deported citizens and when it came before Hillary Clinton’s desk many times. But she failed to take forceful action and ignored the federal law requiring her to suspend visas to countries that don’t take back their citizens. [Why Hillary Clinton and John Kerry Share Responsibility for Criminal Alien Releases, Center for Immigration Studies, May 2014.] She didn’t want to get involved. Politicians. Politicians!

According to a report from the Boston Globe, from the year 2008 through 2014, nearly 13,000 criminal aliens were released back into U.S. communities because their home countries would not take them back. [Criminal immigrants reoffend at higher rates than ICE has suggested, By Maria Sacchetti,  June 04, 2016] They were too tough—they were too angry—they were too evil. They don’t want them back, and we don’t force them back. We want to be nice people and we want to be nice and Politically Correct. And they are all roaming the streets.

Most of these 13,000 releases occurred on Hillary Clinton’s watch. She had the power and the duty to stop it cold. And she didn’t.

Now, my opponent will never meet with you. She’ll never meet with you. No interest. You know that because you’ve been trying for a long time. You’ve been trying for years. She will never hear your stories; she will never share your pain. She will only meet with the donors and the special interests and the Open Border advocates.

Her plan calls for total amnesty in the first 100 days, which means Obamacare, Social Security, and Medicare for illegal immigrants. Her plan calls for Catch and Release on the border, Sanctuary Cities, ignoring visa overstays, closing detention centers, and a virtual end to immigration enforcement in the United States of America.

Hillary Clinton has even announced that she plans to go around Congress and implement Amnesty by Executive Order, violating our Constitution and putting the entire nation in grave peril.

Hillary Clinton is the person, and I mean the first person, to ever run for the presidency of a country effectively proposing to abolish the borders around the country that she is supposed to be representing.

But, the media doesn’t want you to know that, so they’ll never ask her any questions about her plan, it won’t be talked about at the debate—which is going to be a very interesting period of time!

Like how she’ll afford to give lifetime welfare and entitlements to illegal immigrants, or how many people will be victimized because of the illegal immigrants that will be released from federal custody, right at the border or inside of the border. She’s not asked to explain what she’ll say to the American workers who lose their jobs when she prints out millions of work permits for those here, totally against the law, many of whom have very substantial problems.

Your cause, and your stories, are ignored by our political establishment because they are determined to keep our border open at any cost.

To them, your presence is just too inconvenient. That’s all it is, it’s an inconvenience.

But, help is coming, I’ll tell you that. On November 8, we’re going to win the White House. And we are going to deliver justice for every American family and every single American victim. And you know what that means.

Together, we will save American lives and prevent the next thousand American parents from suffering the same fate as the people in this room today.

Their loved ones will not have died in vain, believe me. They will not have died in vain.

Since 2013 alone, the Obama Administration has allowed 300,000 criminal aliens to return back into the United States and its communities. These are individuals encountered or identified by ICE, but who were not detained or processed for deportation.

According to the federal government’s own data, there are more than 2 million convicted criminal illegal immigrants inside the United States right now. Two million.

And we wonder why we have so much crime. Why do we have such violence? And this is true violence. This is violence like most people have never even heard of before.

However, this figure does not include the many individuals who have committed crimes, but escaped justice, fled the jurisdiction, or were otherwise never caught. And many of the folks here have found themselves in that position where you even sometimes know who they are and yet they’re never caught.

We’re going to catch them. We’re going to catch them.

Many crimes committed by people here illegally remain open cases. And yet our government knows a lot about the people that did it. But they don’t go after them. They’ve killed people and they don’t go after them.

At the same time, hundreds of individuals who have been given visas and refugee admissions into the country, subsequently were charged with terrorism, and nobody does anything about it. Nobody does anything about it!

It’s the most unbelievable thing that I’ve seen—that’s why this has become a personal passion for me when I see these people. And there’s so many people. Remembrance Project. There’s so many people. It’s a small group compared to what we’re talking about. The devastation is unbelievable.

So, we’re admitting people here with no idea of who they are, and we don’t know very much about them. We don’t know what they believe. We don’t know if they have love in their hearts for our country, or if they have hate in their hearts for our country.

Whether it’s drugs, terrorism, or violent crime, our government is utterly failing in its core mission to defend and protect the people of this country.

The Border Patrol agents—these are incredible people—they endorsed me. It’s the first time they’ve ever endorsed a presidential candidate. They’ve warned that Hillary Clinton’s plan would put the entire country in grave danger. I fully understand. They called it “radical,” “deeply dangerous,” and warned it would trigger an unprecedented national crisis.

They know. They know better than any consultant. They know better than anybody. The Border Patrol agents.

Let’s just remember our goal: to prevent the next family from suffering the same terrible fate.

That is what is at stake in this election.

So I am now going to invite some of the bravest people I know—and I mean that one hundred percent—to come up here and speak. [32:30]

Donald Trump:

Thank you very much. These are a few of the stories, there are thousands of these stories…

I spoke to some of the families we met for an hour backstage and I asked “Does it get better with time?” And they actually said, it doesn’t—and sometimes it get worse with time….

To these unbelievably strong and brave people, we will fight and we will win, and again I say, your loved ones will not have died in vain.


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