Senator Jeff Sessions On Special Interests
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It's impossible to exaggerate how much better Jeff Sessions is on the immigration issue than other Senators. Here he is explaining this issue on the floor of the Senate.

From September 19, 2013:

A couple of excerpts, and a link to the Congressional Record, in case you want to quote anything here:


[Chamber of Commerce President Thomas ] Donahue says the House doesn't need to pass a ''comprehensive reform,'' suggesting problems could be fixed with smaller bills. ''Take the whole thing, go to conference with the Senate, and we'll build a bill.''

Those of us who care about how legislation is crafted can feel the hair rise on the back of our necks when we hear this because this is exactly what they are trying to accomplish. They want the House to pass a bill or two to look like it is tough on enforcement, then go to conference and take the Senate bill, which is a total disaster, and build a bill that he likes, bring it back to the floor of both Chambers where no amendments can be offered, and ram it through, to some degree like the massive health care bill was rammed through. That is what they want to do.

I think the House needs to be careful about this. Once you go to conference, once you start meeting with these special groups—the Democrats want votes, union members want members, businesses want cheap labor, immigrant groups want to bring more and more. Where are the American people in this? Who is paying for these ads they run on television? Not the average guy. I don't know any average guy sending them money to run these ads. It is people who have a special interest in it.

IMMIGRATION — (Senate - September 19, 2013)

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