The National Question With Faith Goldy: Whites Have Rights—It’s Time To Get Serious About Secession
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What if all the conservatives, white advocates, immigration patriots, and Christian gun owners simply moved out? Imaginably, it’d be a lot easier for Leftists to build their gun-free, refugee-rich Shangri-La. Why aren’t they encouraging our exodus? Likely because the mere idea of any society that openly rejects their values is intolerable to them.

Sure, the Pledge of Allegiance still speaks of “one nation under God, indivisible,” but that simply isn’t a reality in America 2020. Maybe the US is too big. With some 330 million people, no one can say there is a “national family.” Increasingly, there just seem to be mortal enemies.

The Right and Left—admittedly, more so after the election of Donald Trump—now regard each other, not just as political competitors, but existential threats to American society and to each other. 

And all this invariably leads to talk of secession. 

Secession. Disaggregation. Self-Determination. Balkanization. All words describing a people's will to determine their own destiny in the political order. 

From Spain to Brexit, and Canada to Calexit, the twin rise of globalization and mass migration—which has caused fractures in areas like ethnicity, religion, race, language, and culture within specific geographies—is breathing new life into the secessionist epidemic sweeping the globe.

With over 300 entries on the topic at, our writers have documented some compelling facts and analyses favoring secession, albeit to differing degrees, over the last two decades.

Watch and share my latest instalment for VDARE TV, where we examine America’s secessionist roots, reasons to secede, and why serious talk of secession is on the rise!

Faith Goldy [Email her | Tweet her] is a Christian Canadian Nationalist independent commentator and investigative journalist. Goldy hosts ‘The National Question’ on VDARE TV.   Goldy's media career has included work with: Toronto Sun, Sun News Network, National Post, Rebel News, The Blaze, Laura Ingraham Radio Show, Chorus Radio’s AM 640, Bell Media’s Newstalk 1010, Vision TV, Zoomer Radio, and The Catholic Register. Goldy's videos are featured regularly on her YouTube channel and right here at


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