American Flight: California Exodus From Diversity Is Noted
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Earlier: Conservatives Leave California For A More Recognizable America

Here’s an update from California. It’s still overtaxed and diverse — two factors that are connected because foreigners like big government and newbies require special services, like English classes, in school designed for non-speakers.

Americans have largely quit moving to the state and citizens are leaving, but immigrants still are flooding in, shown by the 11 million foreign-born residents as of 2017.

Here’s an update from Fox News reporter William La Jeunesse:

WILLIAM LA JEUNESSE: California is growing wealthier, more liberal, more expensive — forcing 52 percent of residents to consider leaving, including 71 percent who identify as conservative. Many businesses already have — this company leaving LA for Texas which is set to add three Congressional seats; California is losing one. . .

CEO Magazine calls California America’s worst state for business; quality of life — the worst according to US News. Add taxes, traffic, housing, energy costs — almost 700 companies left in the last two years. . .

Yet California is growing, thanks to immigrants from abroad. Its diverse economy, among the world’s largest, attracts more college grads than any other state. . .

Some super-rich and retirees are leaving, but overall the state is gaining those that make over $125 grand, losing those that make under 75.

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