A Houston Reader See “Calexit” As An Opportunity—California Can Leave, And Take Its 55 Electoral Votes With It!
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From: George Weinbaum [Email him]

A Calexit movement started [Interest in #Calexit growing after Donald Trump victory, By Eugene Scott, CNN, November 10, 2016].

I say, good.  Let California leave the US and take its 55 electoral votes with it.  Calexit may be an unexpected result of the "Sailer Strategy."

If the US dissolves, perhaps President Trump can encourage: New York and Massachusetts exit.

Think of what the electoral map would look like then.

President Trump should let the people know, unlike his predecessor, President Lincoln, he will not let the US Army or Marines invade California!

Go Calexit!

James Fulford writes: Check out Michael Hart's book Restoring America  for a discussion of why secession is not only a reasonable idea, but a practical one.

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