Would A Trump Presidency Make SJWs EVEN MORE Aggressive—And Is Secession The Answer?
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Writing at the Federalist, libertarian NeverTrumper  Cathy Young [Email her] makes a convincing case that the election of Donald Trump, the supposed anti-PC candidate, could actually lead to an intensification of PC culture. Young's basic thesis is that, if someone as, umm, let's say immoderate, as Trump could get elected President (in part as an anti-PC champion, no less), it would validate the PC belief that “crude xenophobia” and “toxic masculinity” really are pervasive problems. [Why Electing Donald Trump Could Make Political Correctness Worse, November 7, 2016] And so the PC crowd would double-down even further.

I think this is a good analysis. Of course, Young's implicit assumption is that increasing political polarization is a problem that can be solved, that a center-Right, classical liberal consensus is the goal. But the time for that has passed. So kudos to Young for identifying the problem, but we need a new solution—such as Michael Hart’s proposal for the peaceful secession of Red State America.

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