The Moral Of New Orleans: Americans Can't Live With These People
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The murder rate for New Orleans is up 70% compared to last year and police say it is driven partially by the heroin epidemic (fueled by Mexican drug traffickers).  Police are also having a harder time solving murders, with less than a third being cleared, a phenomenon NOPD Superintendent Michael Harrison blamed on victims not cooperating with police [NOPD: Murder rate up 70%, by Kimberly Curth, Fox 8, April 27, 2017]. This is a not uncommon phenomenon in America’s post-Western cities, where police are perceived as the enemy even by the non-white populations merrily slaughtered by their own co-ethnics.

So, naturally, the city fathers of New Orleans think the real threat to the “community” is some statues.

Mayor Mitch Landrieu [Email him]  sent workers to tear down the Battle of Liberty Place monument, the first of four statues which will be torn down.  “We will no longer allow the Confederacy to literally be put on a pedestal,” he chirped. Construction workers were sent in under cover of night, wearing masks, guarded by police snipers. [New Orleans removes a tribute to ‘the lost cause of the Confederacy – with snipers standing by, by Avi Selk, Washington Post, April 24, 2017]

The parallel to the iconoclasm of ISIS is obvious.

Obviously, the anti-white agitators will not stop with their terrorist tactics after they purge the Big Easy of Southern heroes. Already, a statue of Joan of Arc has been attacked. [Is Joan of Arc The Next Target For Take ‘Em Down NOLA? By Kevin Boyd, The Hayride, May 4, 2017]

The leader of the “Take ‘Em Down” group, black academic Malcolm Suber, is a comfortable member of the Parasite Class, working at the Historically Black College Southern University. The New York Times notes he is already targeting statues of George Washington and blandly observes he is an “avowed Marxist-Leninist”. [Tempers Flare Over Removal of Confederate Statues in New Orleans, by Richard Fausset, May 7, 2017]

The nonchalance with which the Main Stream Media reports the political extremism of Leftists is in dramatic contrast with the witch-hunting zealotry driving its coverage of the Alt Right and the Trump phenomenon. Since Donald Trump’s election, the MSM has grown increasingly hysterical and apocalyptic in its desire to about control speech and dox (reveal the personal information of) Alt Right and Trump supporters. Like the $PLC, the MSM seems to believe it has the right to determine not just who or what is “mainstream,” but also what is allowed to be said and who is allowed to have a job.

In increasingly feminized and emotional language, wrist-flapping campaigns have been targeted at various members of the Trump Administration including Jeff Sessions, Steve Bannon and, now, former Breitbart reporter Julia Hahn, a White House aide. Peter Maass explicitly compares her to Muslim extremists because Hahn wants to enforce American immigration laws and not replace the population, essentially the same positions as every other American who has ever lived until about a decade ago.

He sniffs:

Julia Hahn’s opposites are not the young and impressionable Muslims who adopt hate-filled ideas about infidels. They are her mirror image.
BIRTH OF A RADICAL | White Fear in the White House: Young Bannon Disciple Julia Hahn Is a Case Study in Extremism, by Peter Maass, The Intercept, May 7, 2017

Similar campaigns are also being waged against various Alt Right activists, most of whom have no political or financial power. In contrast, the extreme ties of major political figures such as  Congressman Keith Ellison are never discussed pejoratively.

Obviously, the fact that the Left never has to disavow its own radicals is a major tactical advantage. And while conservatives love to complain about the double standard, they have yet to internalize a far darker truth: journalists know exactly what Antifa and other anti-white and left-extremists believe. But they agree with them, and are using their journalism (which is a tactic, not a profession) to further these ends.

It is no longer possible to take the frenzied agitprop campaigns of the likes of Maass at face value. Objectively, there is no difference between him and the Antifa screaming obscenities in the street.

The desire of many right-wingers and nationalists to simply operate in the same unapologetic way as the Left, in defiance of the self-appointed policing role of Conservatism Inc., was one of the powerful drives behind the Trump campaign. Of course, since Trump’s election and his baffling decision to staff his administration with many of the same Conservatism Inc. types who opposed him, that alliance has splintered.

But one place where it had largely held up was in the increasing street battles between Left and Right. During the repeated protests in Berkeley, both explicitly ethno-nationalist and civic nationalist forces joined forces against Antifa protesters.  Mainstream conservatives are also now explicitly denouncing Antifa—a practically unthinkable development only a few years ago [The New Civil War: Radical Communists vs. Conservatives, WND, April 29, 2017].

Yet even there the alliance may now be over. After Berkeley, a member of the constitutionalist Oath Keepers organization threatened violence against young Alt Right supporters for “racism”—not that it will prevent the Oath Keepers from also being called racists.

And when opponents of removing New Orleans’ Confederate monuments rallied over the weekend to defend them, the only violence which resulted was between civic nationalists and Identitarians. A mysterious figure waving an American flag and a suit of armor, promptly dubbed the “Cuck Knight,” reportedly attacked pro-Confederate protesters, and was punched out. [“Cuck Knight,” Who Disrupted White Supremacist Rally In New Orleans, Vigorously Sought By Alt Right, by Alexander Nazaryan, Newsweek, May 8, 2017] (He's identified himself as a California Republican named Sean Van Duser with a multicultural family.)

The MSM celebrated this as an example of the “far right” tearing itself apart through a “purity spiral”. [So Begins the Alt-Right Purity Spiral, by Bryan Menegus, Gizmodo, May 8, 2017] But those are nothing new, and existed even throughout the Trump campaign.

However, this seemingly petty skirmish actually does represent a far deeper divide within the American Right which elected Donald Trump. For some Trump supporters, The Donald was simply the best person to beat Hillary and implement Republican policies. For others, notably for the Alt Right and for many immigration patriots, Trump was simply an avatar of a larger movement which recognized that all politics in America has become identity politics and that it is a zero-sum game. These supporters aren’t interested in cutting the taxes of the rich or slashing entitlement programs. They want a more fundamental, existential change.

The American Left, dominated as it is by Cultural Marxism and united almost solely by anti-white animus, already sees politics this way. Note that the MSM’s rage at the Republican Party’s health care bill was less about the actual content of the legislation than by how many white men in Congress voted for it [What happens when the white guys are back in charge, by Jill Filipovic, CNN, May 6, 2017].

The Beltway Right and its remaining hapless followers don’t seem to understand that the American identity is already fatally deconstructed. Even discussing what is best for America on issues like taxes, health care or the economy seems pointless when there is no longer any agreement on what the nation itself is.

And that’s why the events in New Orleans are ultimately more important even than what is happening in Congress today. The “Marxist-Leninists,” motivated by their hatred of European-Americans and determined to destroy their symbols, simply can’t be spoken of as belonging to the same people as the Historic American Nation. Therefore, it’s not just pointless but obscene to speak about how conservatives can appeal to such types.

Unfortunately, that’s also why the battle over the Confederate statues strikes me as a rearguard action. New Orleans has, in a deeper sense, already been lost. Perhaps it is time to take down these statues of European heroes ourselves and move them somewhere else. And time to rename Washington DC and take down the Father of Our Country’s monuments too [Rename Washington, by Gregory Hood, American Renaissance, June 19, 2014]

Not as a surrender to the egalitarians. But because the cities themselves are no longer worthy of American heroes.

These dead statues have more inherent worth than the living rulers of these Third World embarrassments.

And in the face of the endless hate emanating from these people and their servants in the streets and in the press rooms, actual Americans may have to recognize that, if we want to survive, we can no longer live together with them, or allow them to have authority over us in any way.

James Kirkpatrick [Email him] is a Beltway veteran and a refugee from Conservatism Inc.

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