Beltway Right Wants To Cave On Immigration—But Fears Grassroots Anger
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President Obama has just staged a media event to demand that Republicans cave on the Schumer-Rubio Amnesty/ Immigration Surge bill. [Obama Urges House Republicans to Act on Immigration, by Michael D. Shear, New York Times, October 24, 2013]. He might be acting out the usual Affirmative Action Baby Entitlement Syndrome—except that Speaker John Boehner has hinted he might allow a vote [Speaker Boehner hopeful of immigration action this year, AP, October 23, 2013].  And Rep. Darrell Issa, Chairman of the House Oversight Committee, is about to release a bill providing temporary legal status (but not citizenship) to illegals—although it’s universally understood that any such bill would immediately be hijacked by Treason Lobby forces in conference.[Darrell Issa to introduce immigration bill, by Seung Min Kim, POLITICO, October 23, 2013.]

We all knew Republicans would cave on the government shutdown. But was it just a setup for their surrender of the historic American nation?

Columnist Ann Coulter, who accurately identifies parasitical consultants as one of the key constituencies sabotaging the GOP, blames infighting and incompetence for Republican failures. But there is a deeper divide within the American Right which goes beyond tactical failure. Much as  the tripartite conservative intellectual coalition of “limited government, strong national defense, and traditional values” is under strain, so the three pillars of the American Right's support base– the business community, the Beltway Right, and the Grassroots—are beginning to break apart.

Senator Ted Cruz's stand against Obamacare is best understood as an appeal to the Beltway Right and the Grassroots. Groups like FreedomWorks pushed Republicans to oppose Obamacare by any means necessary and are currently vowing to support primary challenges to those Senators who voted to avoid a default. In this effort, they are joined by Grassroots Tea Party groups. Even Mitch McConnell is now facing a primary challenger in what was already a tough race.

In contrast, it was ultimately the business community that pressured the Republican Party to cave on the shutdown. Groups like the Chamber of Commerce are now vowing to support Establishment candidates and defeat Tea Party primary challengers, threatening a showdown between the Beltway Right and their corporate donors. [Business Voices Frustration With GOP, By Laura Meckler, WSJ, October 16, 2013]

This clash comes from the contradiction that the “job creators” whom the Beltway Right undertakes to defend don't really care about “conservatism” beyond keeping taxes low. That’s a problem for the Beltway Right, because, while it wants money, it needs votes

However, the Beltway Right has a way to heal the breach with its donors. There is one policy where both factions are completely united—more immigration.

Thus before the shutdown, Congressman and Conservative Inc. Vice Presidential choice Paul Ryan was meeting with the anti-American Congressman Luis Gutierrez to work on a final solution for Amnesty. Gutierrez is currently telling the Republicans that without Amnesty “they will never win another national election again”—and who can we trust the fate of the Republican Party to if not Luis Gutierrez? [Rep. Luis Gutierrez says GOP will never win another national election if it doesn’t support immigration reform by Kelsey Osterman, Red Alert Politics, October 14, 2013]

Incredibly, even while Ryan’s party fought for survival on the budgetary issues he is known for, Ryan himself was Missing In Action during the shutdown debate. Instead, he was still “working behind the scenes to find a compromise on immigration.” [Where Has Paul Ryan Been During the Latest Shutdown Debate? by Matt Fuller, Roll Call, September 27, 2013] He was also writing a book about the Republican Party's future, to be entitled “Where Do We Go From Here?”(No word on whether the co-author is Luis Gutierrez.)

Ryan is not alone. Rep. Eric Cantor is planning to introduce the “KIDS Act,” which will provide Amnesty to one million so called DREAMers. In return for this partial surrender, Cantor will be given the chance to negotiate a total surrender. According to cheap labor apologist Frank Sharry of the George Soros-backed Open Borders organization “America's Voice,” Cantor's betrayal of his base would win him points with Democrats. Sharry notes brightly:

Many of us would encourage Democrats to vote for the KIDS Act, if in exchange Republicans agree to a bicameral negotiation where all issues are on the table, including legalization and citizenship for the 11 million. This would be a stepping stone.

[A Way Forward on Immigration Reform? by Greg Sargent, The Washington Post, October 18, 2013]

More ominously, even (or perhaps especially) some of the Republican stalwarts who agitated for the government shutdown are more likely to support Amnesty because of Open Borders “free market” dogma. Quoting an aide to a Republican involved in crafting an Amnesty proposal, Byron York notes:

Those with a libertarian bent are more open to the cause... reformers have had good meetings 'with a few of those guys who were with Ted Cruz at Tortilla Coast,' referring to the House conservatives who held out longest against a deal to end the shutdown.

Even worse, the House leadership is apparently still quietly supporting Amnesty, reportedly telling “reformers” that they should “keep working on it and see what you can do.” [Written off for dead, immigration reform could still live on by Byron York, Washington Examiner, October 17, 2013]

As for the business community, they are accelerating their drive to dispossess American workers. Mark Zuckerberg has declared that he will host a “hackathon” to push for more illegal immigration (and cheap labor that he can personally benefit from.)

And, according to, “several business executives said they were counting on establishment GOP leaders, including House Speaker John Boehner of Ohio and House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan of Wisconsin, to move immigration and future fiscal legislation." [Business Groups Preparing to Fight Conservatives Over Immigration by Tony Lee, Breitbart, October 18, 2013]

Capitalizing on Conservatism Inc. cowardice, the Left is exploiting the narrative that its shutdown victory means that the Republicans will have to cave on immigration. Illegals and the massively-funded “community organizers” telling them what to do are operating in perfect cohesion with the Democratic Establishment. Despite supposedly fearfully “in the shadows,” illegals are openly blocking deportations. Just as Americans visiting national parks were arrested during the shutdown while illegals were given special permits to protest, such lawbreaking by Americans would be swiftly punished. But in this case “no arrests were made and no one was handed over to federal agents.”

The government shutdown fiasco may not only have only opened the door for Amnesty: it may have been intended to. With a showy fight over Obamacare, Conservative Inc. filled its own coffers with donations and appeased a Grassroots frantic to fight the Obama Regime on anything. However, it can now reconcile with business groups through an Amnesty push that will ensure cheap labor for the likes of Zuckerberg, Bloomberg, and Adelson.

The fact that this will ensure a permanent Democratic majority is all but irrelevant to the Beltway Right—after all, the more big government, the more opportunities for direct mail scams and self interested fundraising targeted at a beleaguered historic American nation.

Or there’s a kinder explanation: stupidity. The Beltway Right may really believe its own propaganda and think it can somehow have both Open Borders and small government.

Treason Lobby groups are counting on this conservative gullibility. They are organizing a “fly in” to lobby House Republicans with “pastors, farmers, police chiefs, business owners.”[Conservative 'fly-in' aims to sell House GOP on immigration, By Alan Gomez, USA Today, October 18, 2013] This further Leftist attempt to safeguard conservatives might seem like a touching example of political charity. But in fact progressives know the intellectually crippled Beltway Right is a soft touch.

Be it because of a self-interested conspiracy or self-deluding political stupidity, the Beltway Right clearly is hankering to dispossess its own base.

The only alternative: that critical third part of the conservative trifecta—the Grassroots—must become an independent political force, as it was during the Amnesty drives of George W. Bush.

Instead of being used for cannon fodder at war memorials, American patriots need to storm the barricades that really matter: the ones protecting the cheap labor lobbyists at the Chamber of Commerce— and their apologists at Conservatism Inc.

James Kirkpatrick [Email him] travels around the United States looking for a waiter who can speak English.

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