The Real `Wichita Horror`: Media-Induced Passivity
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The national crime rate is now down to its lowest levels since 1973, according to new government statistics, but that probably doesn't make the people of Wichita, Kansas, any happier. There, jury selection started last week for the trial of what may be the most brutal mass murder and rape in the state's history, a history that features such stars of multiple massacres as the killers of Truman Capote's In Cold Blood and the abolitionist crackpot John Brown.

Yet what some newspapers are calling the Wichita Horror hasn't really made it out of the local media. There may be a reason for that.

The four dead victims were all white, as was the sole survivor. So was yet another victim the same suspects are accused of killing a few days earlier. So was still another possible victim who also survived. The suspects, however, are black.

There is nothing in the crime itself, as far anyone knows, that suggests it was racially motivated, a "hate crime," but then one gets the rather strong impression that no one really bothered to look very hard for any such motive.

That's what makes some people—those few who know about the crime at all—angry. When a white commits murder against a black, it's national headlines. When sexually "straight" males kill a "gay" man, that's national headlines too. But when two blacks force their way into an apartment, rape two white women and take them and their three white male friends out and murder them in cold blood, it's not even worth a national news story.

The crime took place on the night of Dec. 14, 2000, when the suspects, two black brothers named Jonathan and Reginald Carr, allegedly got inside an apartment where five young white people were staying. Armed with handguns, the intruders forced the whites to undress and locked the men in a closet. The two women the intruders forced to have oral sex with each other; some of the white men were then forced to have sex with the women, and the intruders themselves raped the women.

They also forced two of the victims to go to an ATM  and withdraw money for them.

Finally, after ransacking the apartment for more money, they forced the victims, all naked in freezing weather, into a car, drove them to an empty field and shot each of them in the head.

Four died at once; the fifth, a woman, survived. She's the main source for what happened.

Kansas has no "hate crime" statute, which is just as well, so there was no legal purpose in searching for a racial motive behind the crime. But since the media do a good deal of such searching in crimes where the race of victims and killers is reversed, one might expect them to undertake a little investigative reporting in this crime. They haven't.

The national media have found space to tell us full details of white mothers murdering their children, white children murdering their parents, white kids shooting up the local schoolyard, and white wives and husbands murdering each other, but when it comes to blacks raping and murdering white victims, it's not only not a hate crime, it's not even news.

Aside from the transparent hypocrisy and dishonesty of the national media, what also stands out in the Wichita Horror is the utter passivity of the white victims themselves.

Three grown men (one an athletic coach) and two grown women allowed themselves to be locked in a closet for hours while the women were raped. Not once did any of the men try to resist. When one intruder left with one of the women for the ATM, there were three white men and one white woman left with one intruder. Still there was no resistance.

According to Stephen Webster, author of the fullest account of the crime in the newsletter American Renaissance, the surviving witness says while one of the intruders was raping her, he laid his handgun on the floor beside her. She thought about trying to grab it and shooting him, but she realized she didn't even know how to fire it.

So much for firearms education. It never occurred to her or the other victims to grab the gun and thus disarm the rapist. Even when facing obvious death, not one of the victims resisted.

Maybe they were all paralyzed with fear, and that's understandable, but maybe also white people have been so injected with the filth of racial guilt and racial cowardice that they no longer have the hormones even to think about resisting the most vicious criminal violence by other races.

Maybe that's why the national media doesn't want us to know the truth about the Wichita Horror—because learning the truth just might start to help make white people free.


September 16, 2002

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