A Tennessee Reader Wonders If Knoxville Horror Will Be Covered Like The Duke Rape Hoax
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From: A Reader In Knoxville, Tennessee:

Here we go again, the depths of depravity are pushed deeper by black hooligans in sleepy Knoxville, TN.

First they were just going to carjack, then they decided to abduct and take the couple back to the criminal's house. So they tied them up, beat the boyfriend in front of his girl, shoot him, pour gasoline on him and lit him on fire. They disposed of his body near some railroad tracks.

Next, it is her turn as they rape and sodomize her for several days, maybe as many as four  black men took part! They pour drain cleaner into her throat to clean up the evidence, wrap her in plastic and throw her into their garbage can outside their house. Except that they didn't know she was alive! She later died from the cold. No mention of the perpetrator's or victim's ancestry is mentioned. Although in Knoxville, their faces are all on the news channels.

 From the articles:

The victims, Christopher Newsom, 23, and Channon Christian, a 21-year-old University of Tennessee student, were last seen Saturday night while on a date.

"Newsom's body was found the next day. He had been shot and his body set on fire along a rail line, Chief Deputy U.S. Marshal Rich Knighten said. His girlfriend's vehicle was found nearby."

"The second victim, they kept her for a couple of days and brutally raped and sexually assaulted her," Knighten told The Associated Press in an interview from Louisville. "Then they killed her and dumped her body." [4th Arrest in Tennessee Couple's Slaying, Jan 12,By DUNCAN MANSFIELD Associated Press]

Let's see how much coverage this one gets. I bet much less than the Duke Case!

James Fulford writes: Below is an entire article from a Knoxville TV station, which doesn't mention the words "black" or "white." Instapundit, the most-read blogger in Knoxville, says about this crime, and the media response to it:

Well, "hate crime" goes to motivation and I'm not so sure that there was a racial motivation here — and I don't really like the "hate crime" concept anyway.

But he allows that "it's certainly true that if the races were reversed the media would be employing an irrebuttable presumption that it was a hate crime."

Search warrant reveals disturbing details in fatal carjacking, By Kay Watson, WBIR.com,  1/26/2007 9:31:13 AM

New records show another woman saw a UT student after she was carjacked, but before she was murdered earlier this month.

More details about the deaths of Channon Christian and her boyfriend Chris Newsom were revealed in documents filed in Knox County Sessions court this week.

According to a search warrant executed January 24, police have talked with a fifth person who says she witnessed Christian being held.

According to that search warrant, a woman saw Christian alive at the Chipman Street house, and her account of what she saw helped officers target specific evidence.

The warrant explains "she witnessed the victim's mouth being cleansed with some type of spray bottle of cleaning supply contained within the residence."

On Wednesday, police went back to the house where Christian's body was found inside a garbage can.

Records show police seized a spray bottle, empty garbage bags, carpet samples, and the lint trap from a dryer.

The search warrant explained the "Knox County Medical Examiner opined that fibers consistent with the carpet were found in victim Christian's hair."

The warrant also said "the woman also witnessed clothing stained of blood and smelling like gasoline being placed in the washing machine of the residence."

The medical examiner found Newsom's body had been bound and physically assaulted, then burned using some sort of accelerant.

Meanwhile, Letalvis Cobbins and George Thomas, who were arrested in Kentucky following the deadly carjacking, appeared in a Knoxville courtroom for the first time Thursday.

Both the victims' families were in court again, leaning on each other and exchanging hugs.

Both Cobbins and Thomas pleaded not guilty, were appointed defense attorneys and waived their rights to request bond.

They will remain in jail along with Cobbin's brother Lemaricus Davidson and Eric Boyd.

Cobbins and Davidson could face the death penalty if convicted.

Thomas could spend more than seven years in prison, if convicted of helping Cobbins and Davidson evade arrest after the carjacking.

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