The Fulford File: Why No Stories About Whites Fearing “Backlash” After NZ Shooting? Because Of Cultural Marxist Narrative Control—And That’s Part Of The Problem
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You’ll NEVER GUESS: a quick Google search as of 9PM tonight reveals NO (0) stories about whites/ conservatives Bracing For A Backlash after the New Zealand shootings, although such stories are universal after Muslim terrorist attacks—which are ludicrously more numerous, as the alleged shooter Brenton Tarrant argues in his manifesto. This Narrative manipulation is just a small part of what Chronicles’ Srdja Trifkovic accurately described as “today’s onslaught of massive Agitprop and self-hatred inducement from every screen and every printed page in every Western country.”[New Zealand Attacks: Repercussions and Perspective, March 15, 2019] But it’s not new. And that’s part of the problem.

Thus an American guy named Christopher Hasson is currently under arrest for plotting to shoot some people. His name is Hasson, a French name, rather than Hasan, like the Muslim guy who actually shot up Fort Hood. When Hasan did that, we heard about Islamophobia (he counselled returned soldiers whose tales of war against his co-religionists were supposed to have stressed him out)possibly driving him to it. (In fact, the shooting was a result of a lack of Islamophobia—Hasan’s superiors were afraid to challenge him).

deathsentenceWhen black guys shoot up a bunch of whites, we hear that racism (other peoples, not their own) has driven them to it. We didn’t hear anything like that about Hasson. What we heard instead is that he was inspired by President Trump.

For example, Eric Levitz  reported in New York Magazine that “MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough (whom Hasson allegedly planned to kill) said of Hasson, 'Donald Trump fans the flames of hatred and many that are out there that support him are responding to it.'”[ Trump Should Stop Telling Hateful Lies That Racist Terrorists Believe, February 22, 2019]

David Horowitz wrote this in response to a black-on-white shooting in 2000:

You probably don’t remember the name “Ronald Taylor,” [right] and you probably think you have never heard of John Kroll or Joseph Healy or Emil Sanielevici. Why should you? The last three gentlemen were the white victims of a black killer, Ronald Taylor, in Wilkinsburg, Penn., just a couple of weeks ago. The story made the front pages for about a day. And then just as suddenly it fell off the nation’s radar screen.

However, I will bet you can identify Matthew Shepard, or James Byrd, or Buford Furrow or, for that matter, Tawana Brawley. These were the victims, the perpetrator and the phony victim of politically correct crimes in which all the actors assumed roles that confirmed the prejudices of our liberal elites.

Deafening Silence, by David Horowitz, JewishWorldReview, March 16, 2000

Ronald Taylor is a case (previously unknown to me)  of what I call the Disgruntled Minority Massacre, where a member of a minority group slays a bunch of white people, usually coworkers, because he's decided that they're racist.

omarYou haven’t heard of this omnipresent phenomenon, any more than you’ve heard of Immigrant Mass Murder Syndrome, because the Main Stream Media doesn’t want you to hear about it.

In the Omar Thornton case, Thornton, right, killed 8 whites, wounded two, and said it was because they were racist. (He'd been fired for stealing). Incredibly, and showing the depth of Cultural Marxist rot, the police actually went to the trouble of investigating the deceased to find out if they had used racial slurs before being murdered. In May of the following year, they were exonerated [No proof of racism at site of 2010 shooting rampage: police, by Zach Howard, Reuters, May 13, 2011]

In the case of Ronald Taylor, he was clearly committing a racially-motivated attack. Here's what Horowitz said at the time:

Taylor, a resident of publicly subsidized housing, recently became incensed at maintenance workers trying to fix the door of his apartment. "You're all white trash, racist pigs," he exploded. "You're dead." He then went on a rampage that randomly killed Kroll, Healy, and Sanielevici, and critically wounded two others. When the FBI searched his apartment they found anti-Semitic, anti-Asian, anti-Italian, and anti-white hate literature.

Taylor's crime did not confirm the nation's most protected racial prejudices, and that is why his criminal acts have been pushed so quickly out of sight. We get no Time and Newsweek cover stories about Taylor, no network features about black racism, no White House press conferences to berate the nation, no Capitol Hill resolutions authored by liberal Democratic Reps. Barney Frank (Ma.) and Maxine Waters (Ca.) to condemn the outrage, and no calls for hate-crime legislation to specifically include endangered white males.

By the way, you don't often see the phrase "anti-white hate literature", but there's a lot of it. I'm not talking about the SPLC, Tim Wise, and Noel Ignatiev—the black community has their own writers to produce this stuff. It's either Afrocentric, Nation of Islam, or what the SPLC calls "Black Nationalist".

More from Horowitz's 2000 report:


Even more striking, perhaps, than this media blackout are comments that have been volunteered by the few black spokespeople who have actually acknowledged the racial dimension of the crime. For example, the Rev. Thelma C. Mitchell, pastor at the Wilkinsburg Baptist Church, told her congregation in a "healing" service: "You cannot run from violence in the United States because the United States was founded on violence. Why are we suddenly shocked, brothers and sisters? The whole concept of racism and prejudice and targeting people, this is not a new game. Although I in no way agree with the methods he used, I suspect Mr. Taylor really did reflect a growing frustration in this community because too many African-American young men cannot find a meaningful job."

In other words, the white devil made him do it. [Links and citations added].

What makes this worse is that the Reverend Thelma was a black pastor preaching to mostly white congregation:

Far from being an extreme example, this kind of formulation functions as a mainstream excuse in the black community for the racial outrages committed by its members. Dr. Alvin Poussaint, [right] a Harvard professor and one of the media's most quoted experts on the psychology of racism, is a case in point. Poussaint [Email him] managed to identify Taylor's act as a case of "extreme racism." But in an interview with the Washington Times on March 3, Poussaint also speculated, in effect, that the white devil must have made Taylor do it. He said that the shooter may have gained a "generalized hatred toward all whites" from his personal experiences. The Times reported: "He [Poussaint] wondered whether the suspect was 'abused' by a white authority figure, such as a boss or a police officer. 'Or was he stopped for racial profiling,' he asked." [Racism considered key in shooting of 5 whites, The Washington Times, March 3, 2000]

In fact, according to Ronald Hampton, [left] executive director of the National Black Police Association in Washington D.C., only the white devil can be racist. Questioned about the killings, Hampton told the Times, "It's impossible for blacks to practice racism on whites. Racism is the sum total of prejudice and power … and blacks don't have power in our society." Tell that to Taylor's three dead victims.

Taylor was sentenced to death in November 2001 [Ronald Taylor gets death sentence, by Tom Barnes, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, November 12, 2001].

Of course Taylor [right, 2018 photograph] hasn’t been executed. All executions in Pennsylvania were put under a moratorium in 2015, in part due to the anti-death penalty activity of organizations like the NAACP, which opposes the execution of guilty murderers on account of “disparate impact”.[ Pennsylvania DAs take aim at Wolf's death penalty moratorium by Mark Scolforo, Associated Press (WTAE), April 15, 2015]

The vlogger RamZ Paul has just described the Christchurch killings as “The Wages Of Multiculturalism.”

Equally, this tragedy can be described as the wages of Cultural Marxist Narrative control—ultimately, people will rebel against lies.

James Fulford [Email him] is a writer and editor for


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