Ann Coulter Asks Why No Sensitive MSM Stories About "Fear Of Backlash" Against Whites After Charlottesville
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Here at, we have tag I called MSM Backlash Libel, sample:
When a Muslim or other immigrant commits an atrocity of some kind, the MSM worries not that more Muslims, etc. will commit more atrocities, but that native-born Americans, Britons, or Frenchmen be unkind in some way to the mass murderers’ fellow countrymen or co-religionists.

The speed of modern media means that they can start not just while the dead lie unburied, but before some of them have actually finished dying.

First Bastille Day Backlash Libel Story Already On The Wires

No such fears ensue when a white either kills someone, or is alleged to. Ann Coulter offers suggestions about how the MSM could be covering Charlottesville:

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