Reflections On Richmond: Whites Are Stirring. And The Left Is Afraid
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The Left/ Main Stream Media know exactly what happened in Richmond on January 20, when tens of thousands of white gun owners assembled in the capital of the Confederacy to defend their Second Amendment rights. And those angry Virginians also intuitively know but have been trained not to say what housebroken Establishment conservatives explicitly understand but purposely won’t say: The Democrat-controlled state’s forthcoming unconstitutional gun-control laws are aimed at law-abiding whites—because they own most of the guns. As the Left consolidates power by Electing A New People through immigration policy, this means trouble.

Respectable Right pundits and myriad social media memes tried to peddle the idea that blacks favor gun rights because a few showed up.

This false “Blacks-Love-The-2A” narrative demonstrated just how race-whipped Beltway Conservatives are:

NBC reporter Ben Collins spread misinformation on Sunday when he tried to tell reporters to not spread misinformation at the "white nationalist" rally.

Since it is Virginia, I did see three Confederate flags among the thousands of people, but for every Confederate flag that I saw, there were dozens of American flags and hundreds of minorities in the crowd.

[Virginia's Second Amendment Rally Was Hyped Up to Be Racist and Violent— It Was Not, by Julio Rosas,, January 20, 2020]

But “hundreds of minorities” floating in a sea of whiteness ignores the reality that the crowd was 99 percent white—which scared the living daylights out of the Left/ MSM.

Certainly this quest for respectability has sunk deep roots in the normie psyche. I was at a gun store after the rally and spoke to a white employee who estimated a crowd of more than 50,000. He somewhat sheepishly added that the rally was 99 percent white.

But that’s the reality of those who want a strong Second Amendment, I said.

His answer: We need to reach out to blacks and Hispanics to help fight the battle!

“No, we don’t,” I laughed, and walked away.

In the wake of the rally, the Left/ MSM reacted viscerally: the implicit whiteness of the pro 2A movement was becoming explicit. Rebellion was stirring.

  • Calling whites “Nazis” and “terrorists,” a white scribe for the Philadelphia Inquirer invoked the ghost of Martin Luther King:

This week would be a good time to channel the ferocity of King, who stood up to bullies with non-violence and won more victories against entrenched white supremacy than anyone dreamed possible. MLK understood that an absence of tension, also known as silence, was the path to injustice. He also would have called out the violent intimidation of Monday’s mob for what it was — terrorism — and so should we.

[Call Richmond’s MLK Day gun rally what it was: An outbreak of terrorism on American soil, by Will Bunch, Philadelphia Inquirer, January 21, 2020]

  • Eve Ettinger’s piece in the leftist Vice argued likewise:

“How was Richmond?” I’m asked. I pause, overwhelmed with the task of summing up the hours spent in the cold, surrounded by more white men with guns than I’d ever seen in one place in my life. “Uneventful, thankfully,” I respond. I refuse to use the word “peaceful,” even though it’s in the word I now see popping up in most headlines to describe Monday’s gun rally downtown and at the capitol. It was not peaceful—it never escalated, but it was far from peaceful.

[Holding a City Hostage Is ‘Peaceful’ Now?: I’ve been to peaceful protests before. The gun rally in Richmond was not that, January 22, 2020]

  • Retweeting Ettinger, Kris Brown, the president of @Bradybuzz, yet another group of busybodies who would grab your gun, argued that “there was no violence in Richmond because no one made the gun-carrying protesters feel threatened. It was a display of white supremacy in action.”

The thousands of armed individuals roaming the streets of an American city openly proclaimed their intent not to obey laws they might disagree with. Yet their very whiteness rendered them invisible as a threat: in America, if you are white, you can wear a mask and carry a gun and hang a governor in effigy, and go home quietly at the end of the day, unmolested.”

[That Pro-Gun Rally in Virginia Wasn’t Exactly “Peaceful”, by Talia Lavin,, January 22, 2020]

GQ’s clever artists helpfully illustrated Lavin’s anti-white propaganda piece with a swastika fashioned with what appear to AR-15s.

  • And let’s not leave out The New Yorker, which never misses a chance to spit on whites (the 2015 cover at right is a typical example). Not one shot was fired, but the mere sight of white men with guns advertised a “race problem:”

The claim that it was “safe” or “peaceful” was belied by the barely suppressed atmosphere of fear and the poses of intimidation taken by the armed and masked members of militias. The most typical attendee was white, male, and conservative, but a small group of Black Panthers attracted the attention of social-media posters, who were seeking evidence that the gun-rights movement didn’t have a race problem.

[A New Backlash To Gun Control Begins In Virginia, by Emily Witt, January 28, 2020]

Message To Conservatism, Inc. This is what they think of us … and you.

So here’s a reality check on race and guns.

  • 82 percent of American gun owners are white, Pew reported in 2013, a figure that has not, obviously, changed [Gun Ownership Trends and Demographics, Pew Research, March 12, 2013].
  • Last year, Gallup found that 61 percent of Republicans live in a household with firearms while just 28 percent of Democrats do. Fifty-three percent of conservatives live with guns, while 29 percent of liberals do. Half of whites live in a home with a gun, but fewer than a third of blacks or Hispanics [What Percentage of Americans Own Guns?, by Linda Saad, August 14, 2019]. Moral: Gun ownership is almost exclusively white and conservative, which explains why the Left demonizes gun owners and want to disarm them. Armed conservatives could be trouble.
  • In 2014, Pew asked whether it was more important to “[protect] the right of Americans to own guns or [control] gun ownership.” Unsurprisingly, Hispanics favored gun control by 62 to 36 percent. Black support for curtailing gun rights was even more lopsided: 71-26. Whites, on the other hand, favored gun rights 59-39 [Latinos’ Views on Selected 2014 Ballot Measure Issues, by Mark Hugo Lopez, Jens Manuel Krogstad, Eileen Patten, and Ana Gonzalez-Barrera, October 16, 2014].
  • Almost five years ago, UCLA Professor Adam Winkler [Email him] crowed that demographics will overwhelm the NRA’s lobbying power because 80 percent of registered-Asian American voters and most blacks and Hispanics want stricter gun laws [The NRA will fall. It’s inevitable, The Washington Post, October 19, 2015].

Along with those numbers, consider these crime stats:

  • Throughout Virginia, blacks were 19 percent of the population but 70 percent of the arrests for homicide [Crime in Virginia, 2018]. That means blacks are eight times more likely than non-blacks to be for murder.
  • In Richmond itself, 95 percent of homicide suspects were black in 2016--down from 97 percent in 2015!! [Regional killings soar past 100, reach highest level in decade, by Mark Bowes, Richmond Times-Dispatch, February 18, 2017].

Those last two points help explain why blacks want gun control: The near totality of their experience with guns is a fatal bullet.

As well, and of particular interest to and immigration patriots, the data on Asians and Hispanics show why mass immigration must be stopped. Third World immigrants are terrified of guns--perhaps, like blacks, for a good reason.

However, white gun owners aren’t inner-city blacks or Third World immigrants. Black and Hispanics have a problem with guns, but that’s no reason to disarm law-abiding whites.

Of course whites should welcome blacks, Hispanics, and anyone else into the pro-2A movement. But gun ownership is a white thing. It’s time to admit that.

Gun control targets law-abiding, conservative whites. The Left knows that, which is why it’s inventing such tyrannies as red-flag laws and national registries. Whites with guns might not lie down for Leftist revolution as The Great Replacement proceeds apace.

Symbolically, the pro2A protestors were greeted by a new statue, Rumors of War, featuring a black man in a hoodie on a rearing horse, described by the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts as  “direct response to the Confederate statues that line Monument Avenue” [Sculpture Created by Kehinde Wiley for VMFA,].

This bronze effigy that ostentatiously opposes the monuments to Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson a black-power symbol. It’s in-your-face warning--what American whites, not just those descended from Confederates, can expect if they don’t stop cowering in fear of being labeled “racists.” The radical Left will defile and destroy their symbols, dismantle what’s left of their civilization, and repeal the constitutional rights they inherited from their ancestors who created the Historic American Nation.

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In the frontline of those rights—the right to own guns.

The Left should be afraid. Richmond suggested that White America won’t give up those rights without a fight.

Jack Dalton [Email him] is a recovering conservative in the South.

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