A Texas Reader Objects To The NEW YORKER’s Portrayal of White Gun Owners
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From: George Weinbaum [e-mail him]

obvioushatepropagandDecember 14's New Yorker (right) cover is a stunning anti-white propaganda piece. It shows a white couple buying: milk, hand grenades and what looks like three AR-15s in a gun store. Since a carton of milk is in their shopping basket we should conclude this is typical shopping trip for whites. Wouldn't it have been more realistic for the couple to have been Muslims?

Amy Davidson on page 23 of the New Yorker writes, "In a political culture less distorted by Second Amendment absolutism, this might have been a turning point for Republican lawmakers: Why not at least make it more difficult for potential terrorists to get guns?".   How, Amy, would you identify them? Here's my idea: make it a federal felony for any naturalized citizen who came from any of the 57 member states of the Organization of Islamic States to own one. We could make this part of his naturalization process. He could ever swear to it. But might he feed the Feds taquiyya? Nah!

Am I Islamophobic? The main stream media have descended into parody.

Might the New Yorker alter its well-known cover of a New Yorker's map of the United States, but with Texas shown with AR-15 carrying white men and New York and California shown with cowering whites being shot at by Muslims with AK-47s?

barack-and-michelleJames Fulford writes: The New Yorker did once run a cover with a man dressed as a Muslim, and lady carrying an AK-47. It was enormously controversial.  See my Truth And Lies On The Cover Of The New Yorker, and Pat Buchanan's Barack And Michelle—The Untouchables.

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