Obama’s “Double Standards” On Immigration—Actually A Single Standard, Aimed At Dispossessing Americans
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Barack Obama’s unilateral abolition of immigration law is underway, and the GOP congressional leadership, scheduled to unveil its response on Tuesday, is already showing ominous signs of surrender'We Will Not Engage': Michele Bachmann Reveals GOP Plans to Ignore Executive Amnesty, by Robert Wilde, Breitbart.com, November 22, 2014.

But this is nothing new. Unprotested by the GOP, Obama’s Minority Occupation Government has already abolished immigration law in some of our largest cities, while punishing local governments that actually attempt to protect their citizens.

Back in 2012, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled against much of Arizona's SB 1070. “Arizona may have understandable frustrations with the problems caused by illegal immigration while that process continues, but the state may not pursue policies that undermine federal law,” Justice Kennedy wrote for the majority. [Blocking Parts of Arizona Law, Justices Allow Its Centerpiece, by Adam Liptak, The New York Times, June 25, 2012].

But while Eric (“my people”) Holder's Department of Justice was waging legal war against Arizona’s effort to enforce federal law, it had turned a blind eye to Blue states undermining federal law if it meant helping illegals invade the country.

Let's take a look the diverse initiatives pushed by the Treason Lobby in only two liberal states:

New York: New York City mayor Bill DeBlasio went all-out, offering illegal aliens free passes to New York City attractions to encourage them to sign up for municipal ID cards to the tune of $8 million [New York Offers Illegal Immigrants Zoo Trips, Museum Tours with ID Cards, Laila Kearney, Reuters, September 18, 2014]. Now aliens who operate without paying taxes, licensing fees, and all of the other financial burdens that yoke Americans can easily open a bank account to send remittances back to Guata-El-Mexico.

The New York City Council also rubber-stamped a legal fund for criminal (but I repeat myself) aliens facing deportation. Lawyers can now vie for a piece of a $4.9 million pie and jam the immigration courts' gears.

Local news network 4NBC gushed over the program:

Proponents say it has helped highlight a serious issue about the lack of legal representation in the immigration system and is helping address the backlogs and delays that result when immigrants without attorneys try to make their way through the system.

[NYC's New Immigrant Public Defender Program Is 1st in U.S., By Deepti Hajela, NBC New York, September 7, 2014]

Not one mention of opponents, though—strange that Ms. Hajela [Email her] didn't think to sniff them out.

Maryland: Illegal aliens qualify for in-state college tuition, thanks to a 2012 law that grants tuition discounts to vibrant foreigners denied to boring, dull American citizens. Shockingly, Maryland’s 13.9% foreign population voted itself more freebies, most likely tipping the voter total in favor of the law. U.-MD President Wallace D. Loh, born in Shanghai and educated in the U.S., brushed off citizens’ worries that openings in the selective college would be gobbled up by Affirmative Action-qualifying immigrants. The foreigners “came here as children,” ergo, the argument that the admission slots could have been taken by U.S. citizens is “unfounded.”

“This is going to be a tremendous victory,” crowed Democratic governor Martin O’Malley on the eve of the vote. The Washington Post agreed, cheerfully mentioning that “spirited marches and rallies” capped support for the new law, an adjective that wouldn’t be caught within 5,000 words of a similar article on a right-leaning referendum [Md. Voters Approve ‘Dream Act’ Law, by Nick Anderson and Luz Lazo, The Washington Post, November 7, 2012].

Why is the Obama Administration ferrying illegal aliens from Central America on commercial flights without checking them for infectious diseases—or any kind of official ID? Why did it neatly divide the invaders they christen “DREAMers” between the fifty states—while fighting tooth and nail to tear English legal immigrant Lauren Bell from her family on her 21st birthday? Why the shocking double standard?

Many conservatives have unconsciously internalized what Steve Sailer has described as the Left’s campaign against Noticing. Thus they have built an entire cottage industry complaining about Leftist “double standards.” They are incapable of conceptualizing the Left's retooling of U.S. immigration policy into a biological weapon (or a dirty bomb, as the case may be with imported diseases like Ebola).

Similarly, Conservatism Inc. types gut every condemnation of the Obama Administration's immigration non-enforcement policy with the caveat: “If only we had a better legal system of immigration...“

Libertarians are especially fond of this line. See Stossel, John for a textbook example. [Stossel: Americans 'Should Say Yes to Immigration,' Athens Banner-Herald, September 16, 2014]

Worse is when libertarians take it a step further and condemn Middle America for expressing skepticism and worry about letting the (literally) unwashed Central American masses stream into their counties and school districts.

Perhaps no Concern Troll better exemplifies this trait than the gelded Jack Hunter, who slams citizens expecting their government to secure the borders against dangerous invaders: “Such words dehumanize these children as if they are disease-ridden animals,” he sneers at parents concerned that Central American indigenous peoples might bring deadly diseases into the very classrooms their tax dollars fund. “I don’t care what your opinion is about immigration, illegal or otherwise. No one should talk about children this way. I used to talk about illegal immigrants harshly as a radio talk host and am embarrassed about it to this day.” [The Way Some Conservatives Talk about the Border Children is Racist and Revolting, Jack Hunter, Rare, July 25, 2014.]

While Hunter's hand-wringing might yet win him a spot on the D.C. cocktail party circuit, he and the rest of the chattering class are quickly babbling themselves into irrelevance. Unable to bring themselves to identify, let alone oppose the clear Leftist plan to overwhelm unruly American voters with non-white foreigners, they leave the wounded historic American nation without so much as a diagnostician.

Political Correctness turns the public into the proverbial blind men feeling different parts of an elephant and claiming each has identified a new animal. We stumble around in the dark, fumbling with separate Leftist policies without seeing them as a whole.

There is no inconsistency in an immigration policy that grants citizenship to a 14-year-old male MS-13 gang member and bullies an English girl out of the country. There is no incoherence when the Obama Administration sues Arizona for not hewing to a federal standard on immigration, but stands idly by as Blue states trip over themselves to enact a flurry of different policies to encourage illegal immigration to swamp their states.

The Obama Administration has one consistent line—Americans have no rights to resist invasion, and foreigners have every right to impose upon us.

The Obama Administration's single standard on immigration is one piece of its anarcho-tyranny philosophy. Any and all liberal pieties and crusades can be suspended, any malevolent behaviors can be pardoned—as long as the Other may continue to overwhelm the historic American nation.

Margaret H. Roberts [email] lives in Flyover Country alongside buried bars of silver and John Deere tractors.


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