Border Patrol Agent Contracts Bacterial Pneumonia from Illegal Alien Processing
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Obamas border anarchy is endangering millions of American citizens by flooding the country with foreigners with diseases like tuberculosis. The administrations refusal to end the border chaos has put public health seriously at risk.

The most recent outbreak of third world disease has been a Border Patrol agent who has caught bacterial pneumonia as a result of working in crowded conditions among contagious foreigners.

In the Fox & Friends video below, Tucker Carlson remarked (at 2:44):

Were also seeing the spread of diseases that have been pretty much wiped out in the United States, things like drug-resistant tuberculosis. You just saw a case of bacterial pneumonia a Border Patrol agent got this week. The union says he going to be be disabled for life by this disease he picked up from one of these illegals in a detention center down in Texas.

Can parents trust the government to clean out contagious disease from alien kids before school starts in six weeks?

Border Patrol Agent Hospitalized with Pneumonia Caught from an Illegal Immigrant, Expected to Have Lifelong Complications, NRO, July 11, 2014

A Border Patrol agent from the Laredo, Texas, Sector has been hospitalized for seven days with bacterial pneumonia, which the agent contracted while processing illegal immigrants, officials from National Border Patrol Council 2455 tell National Review Online.

Agent Jarrad Seely, vice president of NBPC 2455, says the agent is expected to have chronic asthmatic symptoms for life, according to information relayed by the agent. The illness has so swollen the agent’s throat that it’s difficult for the agent to speak, Seely says.

“It’s a very traumatic experience for [the agent] and [the agent’s] family,” he says. “[The agent’s] got small children.” He says that it’s too soon to tell if the agent will be able to make a full recovery and return to work, and says the agent was healthy prior to processing the immigrants.

“Our agents have been getting sick more often than before with flus and congestion and a whole bunch of respiratory illnesses,” says Hector Garza, the secretary and treasurer of NBPC 2455. “The processing room was severely overcrowded and that just made [it] the perfect breeding ground for these diseases.” Garza says he and other Border Patrol officials have had to communicate indirectly with the agent, via the family, because of the agent’s inability to speak.

Seely says the Laredo Sector has recently had illegal immigrants arrive with active cases of tuberculosis, scabies, lice and chicken pox.

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