Treason Lobby Front Trains Illegals In Lying To Immigration Officials
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Amnesty jump

H/T One Old Vet

H/T One Old Vet for alerting me to 'Dreamer' Website Teaches Illegal Immigrants 'How To Lie Successfully' by Lee Stranahan 5 Sep 2013

If you're an illegal immigrant worried about being caught, help is only a mouse click away. An article from the radical website will give you a quick lesson on how to lie about your status…

The "Dreamers" are illegal immigrants who were brought into the country by their parents. They've become the darlings of the media, garnering both positive press and an executive order by President Obama in 2012, offering them legal status if they met certain requirements and paid a $465 fee. Even that controversial end-run around Congress, however, wasn't enough for the Dream activists as they pursued an agenda that rejects the idea of borders and deportation entirely.

The account of this coup d’état was King Barack Dispenses Work Permits and Ends Deportation for Under-30s (aka Amnesty by Fiat). Late last month the Weekly Standard woke up to the lawlessness of this move which they ignored at time - of course stressed it back then.

Stranahan has discovered Particulars and Universals #3: Tips on How to Lie Successfully on the Dream Activist site which was actually posted in 2009.

This continues a valuable habit of breaking important Amnesty scandals. judging by its sumptuous website is yet another of these lavishly-funded Treason Lobby Fronts which so vividly illustrate the staggering imbalance of resources in this war.

Fraud of course is a dead certainty and a massive problem with making any concessions to the immivaders. The huge bloating of the 1986 Amnesty was discussed for us in  Ask An Amnesty Advocate: How Much Fraud Last Time?
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