Arizona TV Station Points Out Health Threat (Scabies, Chicken Pox, MRSA Staph Infections) From Illegal Aliens
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A porous border, besides being a security threat, an economic threat, a political threat and a cultural threat, is also a health threat. That should be obvious.

An Arizona TV station (ABC 15 Arizona) ran a good little video about the health threat on the border, specifically along the Texas border.[Immigrants bringing diseases across border?, by Navideh Forghani, ABC 15 Arizona , June 6, 2014]

It's not long but it's worth watching. Notice that the two individuals interviewed, Border Patrol agent Chris Cabrera and border resident Jorge Garcia are Americans, of Hispanic ancestry, who are concerned about the problem. As Garcia so aptly puts it when discussing scabies crossing the border, “Just the fact we are exposed to it, and so is everyone here in south Texas, it's a great concern to us.”

And since Arizona is having all these illegal aliens who crossed into Texas dumped in their state, well, any disease that crosses into Texas can also wind up in Arizona. Or anywhere.

My question is, where is Congress? Where are the GOP lawmakers and candidates?





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