A MD Reader Charges Gov. Martin O`Malley Breaks Federal Law By Abetting Illegal Immigration
February 08, 2008, 04:00 AM
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From: Steve Hampton (e-mail him)

Maryland has seen an extremely sharp rise in Illegal Immigration, thanks in part to pandering Governor Martin O` Malley.

O`Malley is closely involved with members of CASA de Maryland, a group that teaches illegal Immigrants how to avoid, evade and interfere with immigration investigations. This subversive organization also gets paid tax dollars to set up day labor sites that O`Malley supports directly and indirectly. Despite a state deficit, O`Malley somehow found $30 million for a CASA de Maryland "multicultural center."

Several members and former members of CASA de Maryland have been appointed to key positions in O`Malley`s administration. With the REAL ID pending, O`Malley is working with CASA to develop a back door pseudo-ID permit to circumvent the intention of the REAL ID Act.

The governor`s office has also set up a special race-based website devoted to Hispanic issues only. It posts alerts about in-state tuition for illegal aliens and updates on "English Only" legislation. See it here. See the Commission for Hispanic Affairs members here.

O`Malley has broken Federal law by knowingly encouraging Illegal Immigrants to migrate to Maryland and by refusing to enforce laws against illegal immigration.

Hampton maintains a website on illegal immigration and oversees a Yahoo Group dedicated to ending illegal immigration. His alternative e-mail address is here.