Immigration Patriots Are On The Ballot This Election
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America goes to vote this Tuesday and it’s expected Republicans will win big. A major reason for that expectation: immigration. President Biden’s Open Border policies have alienated ordinary Americans and driven support for Republicans. Many GOP candidates are making immigration a core part of their midterm pitch, with the national party’s encouragement. Several explicit immigration patriots are on the ballot. Their victories could reshape the party and push it toward a more America First direction.

Here are the races that immigration patriots should pay special attention to:

  • Arizona Senate Race

Arizona Senate candidate Blake Masters is arguably the strongest figure in this year’s races. He’s one of the few candidates to endorse reducing legal immigration. He’s mentioned the Great Replacement and observes the Democrats want open borders to better their political chances. He notices the “color of crime” and refuses to apologize after leftists complain that it’s racist to say so. He demands an end to Affirmative Action and hiring Americans based on their race. He calls out Critical Race Theory as anti-white racism. His rhetoric sets him head and shoulders above the ordinary Republican candidate.

The RealClearPolitics polling average shows the Peter Thiel–backed candidate in a statistical dead heat with the Democratic incumbent, Mark Kelly. If Tuesday is a red wave, Masters will likely eke out a victory. It would be a massive victory for immigration patriotism if someone like Masters can win a statewide race in a battleground state. No longer will the Republican Establishment be able to say unapologetically that nationalism is a loser in competitive races.

  • Ohio Senate Race

Ohio Senate candidate J.D. Vance bears many similarities to Blake Masters. They’re both backed by Peter Thiel. They both won their respective primaries thanks to an endorsement from Donald Trump. Both are political rookies with no previous record of elected office. And they’re both immigration patriots.

Vance made immigration a centerpiece of his pitch in this battleground state. He ran a provocative ad eviscerating the notion that supporting immigration restriction makes one a racist.

He also backs reductions to legal immigration and notices the demographic changes that result from mass migration.

Tim Ryan, his Democratic opponent, complains that Vance promotes the “racist” Great Replacement theory, a charge Vance brushes off [Tim Ryan and J.D. Vance attack each other over ’great replacement’ theory in final Ohio Senate debate, by Henry J. Gomez, NBC News, October 17, 2022].

Vance’s message appears to be working in Red leaning–Ohio. The RCP poll average has him five points ahead of Ryan. A Senate with Masters and Vance would be a massive improvement.

  • Wisconsin Senate Race

The Wisconsin Senate race pits Republican incumbent Ron Johnson against Democratic challenger Mandela Barnes. Johnson is one of the better Republicans in the Senate, due to his support for the persecuted January 6 protesters and willingness to address leftist support for demographic change. While he’s reliably opposed to illegal immigration, he hasn’t insisted on a reduction to legal immigration. But what makes this race important to immigration is Johnson’s opponent. Barnes is one of the most radical candidates the Democrats have fielded this year. The black candidate has previously supported defunding police and abolishing Immigration and Customs Enforcement. He sent out several tweets in 2018 insisting America must eliminate ICE and liked a Tweet calling ICE agents modern-day “slave catchers.” Barnes’s campaign has insisted he never wanted to abolish ICE, despite the substantial evidence saying otherwise [Mandela Barnes has signaled support for removing police funding and abolishing ICE, by Andrew Kaczynski and Em Steck, CNN, October 7, 2022]. Even a committed leftist knows it’s bad politics to support such lawless ideas. Despite the denials, Barnes would be a devoted open borders advocate if he ever made it to the Senate.

Fortunately, the RCP average has him behind Johnson by three points at the moment. It would be a disaster if a state Trump won in 2016 sent an ICE abolitionist to the Senate.

  • Michigan Third Congressional District Race

Former Trump administration official John Gibbs defeated the Never Trumper and immigration booster Peter Meijer for the Republican nomination last summer. Gibbs, who is black in a 78 percent white district, is another Republican willing to call for a reduction in legal immigration and makes immigration a central part of his campaign. He’s considered a controversial candidate because he has a long internet history of expressing Dissident Right views and defending Dissident Right figures such as Ricky Vaughn. He faces Hillary Scholten, an immigration attorney who has spent most of her career advocating liberal immigration policies [West Mich. U.S. House candidates campaign on other party’s extremes, by Riley Beggin, Detroit News, October, 4, 2022]. The choice couldn’t be starker for the district: They could either have a staunch immigration patriot or an immigration traitor as their representative.

The race is considered close, despite Scholten’s significant fundraising advantage [The Michigan race testing the limits of a GOP wave, by Ally Mutnick, Politico, October 31, 2022]. A loss here would prove the potency of the Red Wave. It would also show how ordinary voters don’t care about Regime Media smears of right-wing figures who said “controversial” things in the past.

  • Washington Third Congressional District

Joe Kent narrowly defeated Never Trump incumbent Jaime Herrera Beutler in the GOP primary. Kent, a former Special Forces operator, is an outspoken immigration patriot. He’s focused on immigration throughout his campaign. Not only does he support reducing legal immigration, he endorsed an Immigration Moratorium as well.

But Kent isn’t without his faults. He needlessly condemned popular personality Nick Fuentes and said he prefers an “inclusive populism” [Congressional candidate Joe Kent distances from white nationalist amid social media spat, by Troy Brynelson, Oregon Public Broadcasting, March 7, 2022]. However, even with that significant flaw, he would still represent a victory for immigration patriot ideas.

And he is expected to cruise to victory. FiveThirtyEight says he will clearly win and their projection finds him winning 98 out of 100 outcomes.

Hopefully, he'll learn not to cuck to the media if he goes to Washington and continues to advocate for immigration patriotism.

  • Georgia Gubernatorial and Senate Race

The Georgia races are mostly important for the ads running in the state. Neither gubernatorial candidate Brian Kemp nor Senate candidate Herschel Walker, a black former football star, is an inspiring choice for Republicans. Both barely talk about immigration in their campaigns for governor and senator, respectively.

But their opponents are some of the worst Democrats in this election cycle. Both Stacey Abrams and Raphael Warnock are black radicals who support reparations and Open Borders. A win for them would signal the end of Georgia as a Red State.

The good news is that one ad campaign calls out their anti-white racism. Stephen Miller’s America First Legal aired a stunning ad in the state that highlighted Democratic bigotry towards whites. It’s one of the bravest campaign ads in recent history and will likely make a strong impact at the ballot box.

The polls show Kemp with a decisive advantage, while the Senate race has Walker slightly ahead. If Kemp and Walker win, it will be a defeat for black radicalism. It will also demonstrate the power of calling out the left’s anti-white racism. A Republican victory may convince the GOP to speak out more against anti-white racism if they see it helps them at the polls.

The midterms present a great opportunity for immigration patriots to show they are the future of the party. Blake Masters and J.D. Vance are both under 40. Joe Kent and John Gibbs are under 50. These are young candidates who will be around for many more years. They represent the party’s young leadership. They can set the tone for what Republicans run on and what issues they champion.

Victories for all four will signal that a new GOP is here. Reducing immigration will become a mainstream topic for Republicans and an Immigration Moratorium will no longer be relegated to the fringe.

Tuesday could be a very good day for immigration patriotism—and a possible beginning for a truly America First GOP.

Washington Watcher II [Email him] is an anonymous DC insider.

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