“If Only The God-Emperor Knew”—Using Trumpism Against The Trump Administration
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One of the most hopeful signs of President-elect Donald Trump’s transition is his determination to keep holding rallies with his supporters. It may keep him honest. And an incident at the recent rally in Wisconsin, where Trump was essentially shamed into mentioning immigration, holds the key to making sure he actually follows through on his promised policies.

At the rally, Trump spoke of his new friendship with Paul Ryan, whom he compared to a “fine wine” that he appreciates more every day. (Nobody seems to have noticed the irony that Trump doesn’t drink). He even dissuaded the crowd from booing local boy Ryan. At the same time, Trump also jokingly…but not so jokingly…warned the Speaker of the House not to cross him.  “Now if he ever goes against me, I’m not going to say that, OK?” he said.

Worryingly, Trump spoke of the “amazing things in store” he and Ryan have for us, outlining promises on taxes, health care, and regulation. Of course, this reinforces immigration patriot fears that Trump’s momentum and mandate will be squandered on idiotic Conservatism Inc. crusades to slash Medicare and pursue regressive policies.

But when immigration was notably omitted during Trump’s list of coming policies, someone yelled: “Build the wall!”

And sure enough, Trump took up the call.

“But we’re going to work on the wall, Paul.”

“You think we’re playing games?” Trump said. “Somebody said the other day, ‘Well now that Trump won, he’s not going to build the wall.’ I said, ‘What are you — ?’ We’re going to build the wall. Believe me.”

[Trump Swats Off Crowd Booing Ryan: ‘I’ve come to appreciate him,’ by Lindsey McPherson, Roll Call, December 13, 2016]

Not surprisingly, the crowd cheered Trump’s explicit vow to follow through on his signature promise.

Donald Trump’s appeal during the primary was, as VDARE.com’s Peter Brimelow observed, “kingly.” In his own strange way, Trump was able to become a kind of unifying figure for the Historic American Nation, someone willing to move beyond Conservatism Inc. wonkery on entitlement programs in order to build a governing coalition which would put America First on immigration, trade, and foreign policy [Trump: The Last American, by Gregory Hood, Counter-Currents, February 8, 2016].

But though Trump smashed through both the Republican and Democrat parties, the downside of his imperial persona is that he doesn’t have any Establishment figure who truly shares his agenda. Unfortunately, Paul Ryan easily (although at significant expense) survived a valiant primary challenge from Trump Republican Paul Nehlen. And Trump’s rise was so unprecedented that currently there are few “Trump Republicans” who come to mind among the current GOP ranks in the House and Senate.

This presents a challenge for immigration patriots looking to pressure Trump: the figure closest to our position (now that Jeff Sessions will be out of the Senate) is, aside from the occasional heroic Congressman like Lou Barletta, probably the President-elect himself.

It’s possible a Senator like Ted Cruz will step up and hold Trump’s feet to the fire on immigration. But Cruz has shown himself far more focused on issues like Obamacare than on the National Question.

Thus, the most effective way to rise against Trump, if it becomes necessary is to claim it is being done in his own name.

In Imperial Russia, currently perhaps the most hated society among American intellectuals and journalists, there was supposedly the saying, “If only the Tsar knew!” The presumption was if only the leader knew the extent of the problems that were being concealed from him by his wicked advisors, the people would be saved.

This is a common motif in monarchical systems or even fictional stories—it isn’t the king or emperor who is to blame but simply his wicked advisors.

Trump’s promises on immigration are what defined his campaign and won the loyalty of his most fervent supporters. And when the “God-Emperor” is addressing people directly, he appears as committed as ever to his vision.

But those he is surrounding himself with, aside from soon-to-be Attorney General Jeff Sessions, do not inspire confidence with their records on immigration and political correctness.

Among them:

As a result, Brad Griffin at Occidental Dissent has observed grimly that rather than heralding a populist revolt, Trump’s administration looks more like the “Reince [Priebus] Revolution,” with Establishment Republicans who mostly opposed The Donald being rewarded [Trump’s picks: Rex Tillerson and John Bolton for State, December 11, 2016].

The indispensable Daniel Horowitz even argues potential Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is also a catastrophe—not because of anything to do with Russia, but because he will do nothing to challenge the department’s “America Last” culture [Rex Tillerson: Trump’s Most Disastrous Pick – The Conservative Conscience Ep77, Conservative Review, December 13, 2016].

There are obviously still reasons for hope. Lou Barletta was reportedly offered the position at Labor and turned it down to stay in Congress [Lou Barletta declines post in Donald Trump’s Cabinet, by S.A. Miller, The Washington Times, December 8, 2016]. Kobach may have similarly turned down a post for his own reasons. Trump has resisted public pressure to disown Stephen Bannon. And Stephen Miller will be in charge of all White House policy staffers.

But even the Miller appointment shows the only real force which is pushing for change in the immigration status quo is Donald Trump and his immediate White House staff. A terrifying amount depends solely on the will of a seventy-year-old man who is challenging a vast political System implacably opposed to him, including many major figures within his own party and possibly even within his own administration.

It therefore falls to immigration patriots to position themselves as the true guardians of “Trumpism”—the real champions of our “God-Emperor.”

As silly as it sounds, Trump’s attention-grabbing style, relish for personal combat, and fanatic desire to triumph over enemies all work to our advantage. The Left, which has become utterly unhinged since his election, seems determined to defy Trump rather than flattering his ego and seeking to co-opt him. The result will be an endless series of zero-sum identity politics confrontations where we can position ourselves as Trump’s most committed supporters and speak in his defense.

Similarly, within the GOP, the critical need is to develop a crop of “Donald Trump Republicans” at the local and state levels, running in his name and on the populist platform he campaigned for. Even if Trump himself does not explicitly endorse insurgent candidates, this can be explained away as simply something he has to do because of his position as head of the GOP. The debate should always be framed as though Trump wants populists to take over the GOP—even if he says nothing of the kind. This is a Narrative the Main Stream Media will be eager to believe and to magnify.

There is, of course, one exception. If Donald Trump betrays us on immigration, he must be ruthlessly attacked. But as Ann Coulter observes, if he does that, he will have already destroyed himself. Trump would be transformed from “God-Emperor” to “Cuck” in the minds of his supporters with startling speed.

However, as Trump’s recent statements show, there’s no reason to believe he will betray us. Trump knows how he got to this point. His closest advisor and White House policy head know it too.

It remains for his patriotic supporters to pressure him from the nationalist Right on National Question issues.

And the best way to do is by saying we are doing exactly what President Trump really wants.

So forward, my fellow patriots—in the name of the God-Emperor!

James Kirkpatrick [Email him] is a Beltway veteran and a refugee from Conservatism Inc.

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