Trump Puts Stephen Miller in Charge of All White House Policy Staffers
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From the Washington Examiner:

Trump taps Stephen Miller to run White House policy shop


President-elect Trump’s chief speechwriter, Stephen Miller, will serve as senior White House policy adviser in the next administration, transition officials announced Tuesday.

Miller has been a part of the incoming Republican president’s close circle of advisers since January. He assisted Trump with major speeches on myriad policy issues during the campaign and has overseen policy development efforts on the transition operation since the president-elect’s victory last month. When Trump enters office on Jan. 20, Miller will be in charge of all White House policy staffers and responsible for pushing the president-elect’s policy agenda.

“Stephen played a central and wide-ranging role in our primary and general election campaign,” Trump said in a statement late Tuesday afternoon. “He is deeply committed to the America First agenda, and understands the policies and actions necessary to put that agenda into effect.

“He is a strong advocate for protecting American workers,” Trump added. …

“Stephen Miller is the best person President-elect Donald Trump could have chosen to be his senior adviser for policy,” Sessions said, adding that he possesses “a unique understanding of very real and honest concerns of the American people.” …

Trump also named Exxon Mobil CEO Rex Tillerson to the Cabinet-level secretary of state position on Tuesday and is expected to tap former Texas Gov. Rick Perry for energy secretary this week.

I like the Examiner’s Miller-centric viewpoint that leaves Tillerson and Perry to “and in other news …”

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