Kris Kobach Endorses Trump—Kobach For VP!
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In a very brave move given the hysterical meltdown of Conservatism Inc., Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach has endorsed Donald J. Trump. because of his stand on "immigration and its effect on our national security."

I have long thought Kobach's is an immigration patriot name to conjure with and in fact helpfully suggested almost exactly four years ago that Mittens Romney should dig himself out of his self-dug hole by selecting Kobach for VP. (Equally daring, but as ever donor-driven, Romney chose obscure Rep. Paul Ryan. He lost.)

Kobach graduated from Washburn Rural High School in Topeka, Kansas and went on to Harvard, Oxford and Yale Law School, easily exceeding the mediocre academic achievements that (as Ann Coulter has cruelly noted) are typical of Conservatism Inc.. He has argued the illegal immigration issue at the highest levels.

Kobach for VP!


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