Executive Amnesty Is A National Emergency, It’s Time For Patriots To Act Accordingly
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President Obama’s unilateral Amnesty/Immigration Surge means the end of politics as usual. Impeachment, though necessary, is just the beginning. Patriots are going to need to take a more activist approach in response to what is nothing less than a national emergency.

At least one politician, Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK), understands what is at stake:

You're going to see — hopefully not — but you could see instances of anarchy... You could see violence.

[GOP Senator warns of violence after immigration order, by Susan Page, USA Today, Nov. 19, 2014]

Of course, we already have anarchy—or at least, anarcho-tyranny. The operative line from Emperor Obama’s speech is: “[W]e’re not going to deport you.” [Transcript: Obama’s Immigration Speech, Washington Post, Nov. 20, 2014] This means that Obama is simply refusing to enforce immigration law because he sees political advantage in dispossessing Americans.

At the same time, we can expect further legal crackdowns on the historic American nation itself. As even Breitbart recognizes:

Whites face a government that is explicitly working against their interests, the economic prospects of their children, and democratic processes they have spent more than 200 years defending.

[Morci: Whites face a government working against their interests and their children’s, by Peter Morci, Breitbart, November 23, 2014]

Patriots must take two steps immediately in response: The Left forces the political system to choose between the demands of the radical Left and the policy preferred by the Establishment Left. They control both the revolutionaries and the “moderate” opposition.

It is time for patriots to force Conservatism, Inc., into the same position. Beginning with the Civil Rights era, the Left has employed protest effectively, and the publicity garnered by protest has forced officials to accommodate. Political technology is ideologically neutral and we need to use what works.

If the political system won’t respond to citizens’ lawful demands for the enforcement of existing laws, then citizens need to adopt a more activist approach. When faced with the choice of a surge of Minutemen providing security along the southern border, or deploying officially approved personnel, many of the cowardly Republicans will be pressured to opt for law enforcement.

Patriots—especially those with military, police, or legal expertise—need to become more adept at incentivizing the enforcement of existing laws. This could include joining or supporting the Minutemen and other patriots who are actively interfering with the invasion. Also, border patriots need to repeat, all across the southern border, the direct physical action taken by patriots in Murrieta, California.

Nothing will bring the National Guard to the border faster than legions of citizens carrying placards and cameras, and filing lawsuits whenever illegal immigration leads to crime or monetary loss.

Hordes of ingrates make themselves heard on a daily basis. Patriots should consider what it means for a group to “make themselves heard.” It’s not just about making noise but making sure those in power are forced to hear your message, whether they want to or not.

We have to create a bigger spectacle out of abysmal border security, and exploit the Main Stream Media’s hunger for sensationalism and conflict.

Second, blocking funding appears to be the only short-term option to prevent the Executive Amnesty. There is already a letter being circulated in Congress “to prohibit the use of funds by the administration for the implementation of current or future executive actions that would create additional work permits outside of the scope prescribed by Congress.” [Effort to block Obama's immigration executive action gains momentum, by Rebecca Shabad, The Hill, Nov. 13, 2014]

An impressive 63 Representatives signed the letter by November 13 [Letter of Representative Tim Salmon to Chairman Rogers and Ranking Member Lowey, November 13, 2014] Obtaining so many signatures was a noteworthy feat given the short notice of unfolding events, as Breitbart reported. [54 GOP Reps Demand Preemptive Strike on Executive Amnesty, by Jonathan Strong, Breitbart, November 13, 2014]

Congress has the power of the purse, and the House Appropriations Committee holds the purse. Unfortunately, House Appropriations Committee Chairman Rep. Hal Rogers (R-KY) appears willing to fund the Executive Amnesty. Conn Carrol says Rogers is “determined to rubber stamp Obama's lawlessness by passing a long-term government funding bill.” [Why Is Hal Rogers Caving To Obama On Executive Amnesty?, Townhall.com, Nov. 13, 2014]

If Rogers gets his way, Executive Amnesty is funded, and the battle is lost. The enemy is already inside the gate.

Needless to say, Rogers claims to be opposed to Executive Amnesty. His office put out a hasty press release expressing his supposed opposition. However, it said nothing about blocking funding, rendering his “opposition” meaningless.

The bottom line: wobbly or pro-amnesty members of Congress must be severely pressured politically. Active citizens, donors, and those with media contacts in particular have to push their representatives.

These representatives deserve our special attention:

1) Hal Rogers (R-KY) is probably the biggest barrier to a solution. His current position is a treasonous betrayal of the American people. If you are one of his constituents, email him and tell him that his position is a transparent promotion of Executive Amnesty.

2) Renee Ellmers (R-NC) is one of the worst Treason Lobbyists in Congress. Email her and tell her that her primary opponent Frank Roche was the better candidate, and that she will get the Eric Cantor treatment unless she supports a short-term continuing resolution.

3) Cory Gardner (R-CO) comes across as another sappy Lindsey Graham type. While groveling to MSNBC, Gardner went on record saying that shutting down the government over executive action would be “immature.” [Cory Gardner: GOP Can't Risk Shutdown in Opposing Amnesty Order, by Wanda Carruthers, Newsmax, Nov. 14, 2014] Gardner was one of a handful of Republicans to support the DREAM Act when he voted against defunding DACA. [Reps. Coffman, Gardner buck party on immigration, by Robert Garrison and the Associated Press, KUSA-TV, August 1, 2014.] Email him and tell him that he doesn’t deserve his position if he won’t protect this nation from an invasion.

As well-deserved—and increasingly plausible—as impeachment may be, that remedy would come far too late for us to rely on that tactic alone. Other strategies would also affect the problem too late in the game to undo the damage. A lawsuit will take ages, and only makes sense as a future-oriented preventive policy.

The unpopularity of Executive Amnesty is a reason to pressure rational officials to oppose it now. [Polls Show Hostility Toward Obama’s Work Permits For Illegals, by Neil Munro, The Daily Caller, November 13, 2014] A lame duck President doesn’t care about public opinion, but Congressmen do. More importantly, time is on Obama’s side—once the work permits, driver’s licenses, and Social Security cards are handed out, there is no way to reverse course.

Republicans will not have the political will to undo Executive Amnesty after the fact, even if they take the White House in 2016. Wavering politicians have to know that we demand the use of whatever political means are necessary to prevent Executive Amnesty right now. If they don’t stand up for America, we won’t stand up for them come election time.

Mass illegal immigration is the strategy of an invading force. Mexico increasingly resembles a failed state, if it’s not already. [Mexico kidnappings: Outrage isn't going away, by Jose Carreño Figueras, CNN, Nov. 14, 2014] Other Latin American countries are even worse, and it’s no surprise they support Obama’s action.

Executive Amnesty is a national emergency. The consequences will be indistinguishable from that of a foreign invasion. Patriots have to respond with the urgency demanded by this crisis.

Email Thomas Martel.

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