Patriot Democrat Says Republicans Can Take Back White House In 2016 By Pinning Pro-Immigration Tail On Democratic Donkey
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It’s time to abandon all the distractions and focus purely on Barack Obama’s disastrous immigration policy. It is time to pin the immigration tail on the Democratic donkey.

For years, reasonable critics of mass immigration have warned the American people about the consequences of overpopulation. Expecting our already crumbling infrastructure to support tens of millions of additional people is hardly “progressive.” Yet the powerful advocates of Open Borders have made a practice of dismissing any criticism of mass immigration as nativist, xenophobic, or even racist.

Of course, continuing to overload our already struggling Republic only guarantees a fetid future for all Americans of whatever race, creed, or color. And Americans are beginning to sense it.

Their anger was clearly exposed by the voters of the 7th Congressional district of Virginia when they ousted Eric Cantor over immigration.

If anyone tries to tell you that immigration wasn’t the deciding issue in his victory, have them listen to Professor Brat’s stump speech before the election.

As Democrat talking head Mark Shields noted on PBS’s The News Hour last Friday, House Republicans are shaking in their boots over this event. [Shields and Brooks on the mounting crisis in Iraq, Cantor’s defeat, June 13]

But the Republicans could turn it to their advantage.

As a Democrat, I am naturally loath to give the other party advice which could win it both the Senate and the Presidency. But I am an American first. I don’t want some undemocratic (small d) single party hegemony, which seems to be the goal of those pushing for Amnesty in the Obama Administration, the Catholic Church, and the Hispanic racial advocacy groups.

What Open border advocates are doing is immoral. With no mandate from the American people, the federal government and crony capitalists are shamelessly replacing the American people in search of cheap labor. The Main Stream Media furthers this process by exploiting the innate decency of the American people. The result: a declining quality of life for all Americans.

One wag, when asked to describe “gross immorality,” quipped, “I guess that is being immoral 144 times.”   In the case of our national leadership, just add 6 zeros, about the number of aliens allowed here since 1965, legally and illegally. And there are millions more racing to get here before Obama’s second term ends.

Listen up, you cowering Republicans! Immigration is the issue that will determine the future quality of life for your constituents. Which means you need to focus like a laser on it by doing the following:

  • Concentrate on immigration and the utter immorality of Obama and other Open Borders supporters. Make this a moral issue and express your outrage.
  • Back off on the social issues such as gay marriage and abortion restrictions because of how they reduce support among women, LBGT voters and patriotic Democrats like me/
  • Start talking about drug legalization, especially marijuana, as a way to increase revenue and promote fairness to those in prison on minor charges. This will also increase support among the young and in some minority communities.
This really should not be that dramatic a departure. In short, go back to the sensible conservative virtues which made Republicans electable in the days of the 1970s and 80s.  (Read what Barry Goldwater advised Republicans in the 1990s about taking in the Falwells and Robertsons.) [Barry Goldwater On Christians And Compromise, By JT Eberhard, PatheosBlog, October 31, 2011] The evangelical voters are certainly not doing to defect to the Democrats, so there is no reason for the GOP to be tilting at these social issue windmills.

There you go, Republicans!  Do that and you will surely pin the tail on that Democratic donkey, Obama.

And while saving your party, you might just save our Republic too.

Donald A. Collins [email him], is a freelance writer living in Washington DC and a former long time member of the board of FAIR, the Federation for American Immigration Reform. His views are his own.



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