Resistance Builds: Towns All Over the Country Resist Alien Dumping, Protests Planned, Minutemen Launching "Operation Normandy"
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The ongoing, facilitated-by-government illegal alien invasion continues, but on the bright side, there is growing awareness and more open resistance among ordinary Americans.   This is to be applauded.

Leo Hohmann at World Net Daily writes in Hundreds of cities fight back against 'invasion' that

Citizens in Westminster, Maryland; Oracle, Arizona; Vassar, Michigan; Greece, New York, and many other places have blocked the importation of illegal aliens into their communities through public protests, letters and official resolutions from elected leaders.
The article also reports that
A massive protest scheduled for July 18 and 19   across the United States is aimed at stopping the influx of Central American children flooding across the border,... It’s dubbed the National Day of Protesting Against Immigration Reform, Amnesty & Border Surge, and it’s gaining support by the hour, said William Gheen, president of the Americans for Legal Immigration PAC and one of 11 sponsors. The main organizers are Gheen’s ALIPAC, James Neighbors of Overpasses For America and Paul Arnold of Make Them Listen.

“Right now it’s looking like we’ll have a little more than 300 protest rallies large and small across the country. Our goal is to unify Americans of all races, political parties and walks of life against the Obama-inspired illegal immigrant invasion,” Gheen said. “At last count we had 257 communities signed up, but that was two hours ago. We’re expecting more than 300 and updating the event list every two hours.”

The logistics organizer of the protests is based in my home state.
James Neighbors, an Oklahoma City-based activist and founder of Overpasses for America, said his group will serve as the main logistics organizer on the ground in the various cities, checking on local protest laws and other details. He said it hasn’t been hard to get people excited about coming out to protest illegal immigration.

“Really we just give them the facts, and in this case it happens to be amnesty and how it’s going to cost over $60 billion to intake all of these illegal aliens and that’s only the 11 million the government admits are here. That number is from 2004,” said Neighbors. “We’re being invaded. That’s why we’re taking a strong stance on this because we’re looking and seeing more than one out of every 10 in the whole country being here illegally. That’s not even including what’s pouring across the border last several months. With the magnitude of what’s happening to America it might also be treasonous, because we believe it’s intentional.”

William Gheen is tying this into the November election.
Gheen said he’s hoping to send a message to “amnesty” politicians in both parties. He wants to counteract the recent surge of illegals at the southern border with a “surge” of his own.

“We’re hoping to get an American surge that will manifest in protests and the defeat of more Eric Cantor-type Republicans that still have GOP primaries and the Democrats in November that support Obama and his amnesty plans,” Gheen told WND.

He said Sen. Lamar Alexander, R-Tenn., is tops on the list of Republicans he’d like to see booted from Washington. Alexander faces a challenge in the Aug. 7 primary from small businessman and state legislator Joe Carr, who has the backing of the tea party. He said 40 Republicans in the House also “need to go” because they are pro-amnesty politicians “playing the role” of conservatives.“That’s why we’re involved in this historic protest, to help turn the tide in this,” he said.

“That’s what they fear the most. They don’t fear people standing on an overpass swinging a flag. What they fear is when they know the next stop is the election booth and that’s our message. We want everybody to support these protests but we want them to understand we need to get them involved in these elections and the defeat of many of Obama’s amnesty allies.”

Click here for information on the protests, it has a state by state directory.

Besides this week's planned protests, Jim Gilchrist and the Minutemen are organizing a new guard-the-border plan called "Operation Normandy".   This is an ambitious plan to "cover the porous areas of the 2,000-mile border from San Diego, Ca. to Brownsville, Texas."  It is to be in place by May 1st, 2015.   Click here to visit the Minuteman website.

So there is plenty going on, as ordinary Americans seek ways to resist the invasion.   We all should do something.


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