Democrats Say Executive Amnesty Will Be 'Generous' and 'Restore Rule of Law'
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Neil Cavuto had an interesting mix on Emperor Obama’s upcoming amnesty, to be announced on Thursday.

First, he showed a jaw-drop clip of Sheila Jackson-Lee (D-TX) on Tuesday, spewing forth with typical liberal generosity with other peoples’ jobs, schools and future. As a black woman, she should be aware of the harm to persons of her race from illegal immigration. Instead, she is on board with the Democrat scheme to import more big-government voters from abroad because they cannot convince Americans.

LEE: “This is not amnesty. This is prioritization. This is saving money. This is keeping families together. This is allowing children to not come home to places where the parents have been thrown from their places of work and taken away from them. I’m excited about the courage of this president. I look forward to America finally understanding the gifts that you are given. Let us not be a selfish nation! Let us be a generous nation.”

Then Cavuto curiously introduced Congressman Jared Polis (D-CO, with a D- NumbersUSA grade for enforcement) as Matt Salmon (R-AZ, with an A- grade — a screw-up in booking to have two Democrats in a row on fair & balanced Fox?

Anyway, Polis’ chatter had the sound of Democrat talking points, and they weren’t very surprising, consisting of amnesty now, border security later — “Trust us!”

It’s good to have a king — for them.

POLIS: “It’s an exciting opportunity to focus on criminal aliens. We have limited enforcement resources if Congress were to give the President more. Resources, that would obviously be helpful. But in the meantime, the actual threat of criminal aliens rather than the — who knows — 8, 10 million people here, some of whom were brought here at a young age will help make America safer and restore the rule of law.”
“Restore the rule of law” by rewarding and forgiving the lawbreakers — that’s a thought only a Democrat could love.

Plus, it’s odd that the administration says it will begin to focus on criminal aliens now. In 2011, Obama said, “We’re focusing our limited resources and people on violent offenders and people convicted of crimes — not just families, not just folks who are just looking to scrape together an income. And as a result, we’ve increased the removal of criminals by 70 percent.” (Obama says deportation of criminals up 70 percent under his administration, Politifact, May 11, 2011)

Then in 2013, the administration released thousands of criminal aliens rather than deport them, including people charged with kidnapping, sexual assault, drug trafficking and homicide.

Obama and his bunch can’t even talk straight about immigration enforcement to protect public safety, much less actually do it.

Over the last couple of years, Obama’s amnesty chatter convinced Mexican cartels to refocus their business to do more smuggling, and the kiddie train influx happened as a result. Now another amnesty will be a 21st century gold rush, convincing the thugs of the third world to flock to stupid America to grab whatever they can get.

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