A California Reader Wonders If The "Occupy" Movement Will Actually Make People Feel Better About Wall Street
October 19, 2011, 02:04 AM
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Re: Steve Sailer`s blog items Press Coverage Of Protests and My thought process on Occupy Wall Street

From: Mark Mallarde (e-mail him)

There is a very interesting documentary that has been aired lately on the local PBS station called "Nixon`s The One" about the resurrection of Nixon`s political career in the late 1960s. The negative reaction of Americans to the anti-war protests–even among Americans generally against the Vietnam War–and race riots figured prominently in Nixon`s success in 1968.

If the "Occupy" protests grow in strength, it will be interesting to see if some people mellow their anger towards the financial sector. Personally, I think I agree with your take. These protesters are correct to be angry about something, but they are not savvy enough to know what it is. I hope that they do not provide inadvertent cover to Wall Street.

James Fulford writes: See, for comparative historical purposes