Finally I Get Twitter’s Usefulness: To Bash Lindsey Graham
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Good question for Lindsey Graham from NumbersUSA

Running as usual 5 years or more behind on generally accepted technological innovations, I have never grasped the attractiveness of Twitter (I have only just started using Skype).

This morning I got it:

As good a day as this was for Sen. Rand Paul on Twitter, it was at least that bad for Sen. Lindsey Graham.

Laced throughout the thousands of tweets cheering on the filbustering Kentucky Republican was a vicious, visceral anger aimed squarely at the South Carolinian up for reelection next year.

The rallying cry hashtag: #PrimaryGraham

Lindsey Graham's very bad day on Twitter By Steve Freiss Politico 3/7/13

Graham and McCain were dining at the White House with Obama while Paul was filibustering, a contrast picked up early and often by many online…

Graham’s decision to vote for John Brennan as CIA director — a response, he said, to the Paul filibuster — further infuriated his many Twitter critics.

I hope this is true:

"This very well could be a defining moment in this particular campaign — the moment Lindsey Graham lost his grip on the boots on the ground in South Carolina,” Daniel Encarnacion, state secretary for the Republican Liberty Caucus, said in an interview.

Lindsey Graham is an unspeakable NeoCon stooge. In my opinion South Carolina and the country would be better off with a Democrat

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