Despite Martha’s Vineyard Massacre, Democrats Reaffirm Fanatical Great Replacement Drive—Only Pain, Not Publicity, Can Stop Them
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Previously: Despite Skepticism, Busing Illegals To Leftist “Sanctuary Cities” Is Working. Could It Force Biden To Do Something About Border Collapse?

At press time Thursday, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis had still not dumped the rumored planeload of illegals on Rehoboth Beach, DE, President Biden’s elite summer home [Outrage Shift In The Press As Today Ron DeSantis Is Cruel for NOT Engaging In ‘Human Trafficking,’ by Brad Slager, RedState, September 22, 2022]. But after the Martha’s Vineyard Massacre, everyone knows it could happen. This follows Texas’ and Arizona’s busing of thousands of illegals to leftist cities like Washington, D.C. and Chicago—but it’s gotten far more publicity, presumably because of the perceived threat to the Ruling Class’s favorite vacation spot. Unfortunately, Martha’s Vineyard has also made it obvious that publicity alone won’t make the left stop its fanatical Open Borders Great Replacement drive. What needs to be inflicted is not just publicity, but pain.

There are significant differences between DeSantis’ moves and those of Texas and Arizona. The Martha’s Vineyard flight with 50 illegals was the first time Florida has transported illegals to a leftist enclave; Texas has done it since April [Texas buses have transported more than 11,000 migrants to sanctuary cities, Fox 4, September 16, 2022] and Arizona has done it since the summer [Arizona has bused nearly 2,000 migrants from the border, by Cody Lillich, KOLD News 13, September 16, 2022]. Also, unlike with Texas and Arizona, the illegals shipped to Martha’s Vineyard weren’t actually in the state that sent them: Florida recruited them from Texas [Texas Sheriff Investigating DeSantis’ Role in Flying Migrants to Martha’s Vineyard, by Andrew Atterbury, Politico, September 19, 2022].

DeSantis promises to send more to catch up with governors Greg Abbott of Texas and Doug Ducey of Arizona. But some illegals in Florida are protected from transfer out of the state. The governor’s office says it will not ship Cubans out of the state, claiming they’re (genuine) political refugees and deserve sanctuary [Lt. Gov. says DeSantis will send migrants to Delaware, but does that include Cubans?, by Cody Weddie and Chris Gothner, WPLG Local, August 23, 2022].

DeSantis’ Martha’s Vineyard stunt unquestionably put the border crisis in the news. Leftist outrage was out of this world. “It’s a horrible stunt but none was worse than what DeSantis just did, and it should disqualify him from ever serving one more day in office,” declared Democratic Virginia Senator Tim Kaine. The White House, Illinois Senator Dick Durbin, Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, and several others called the flights “cruel.” Sen. Bob Menendez compared it to human trafficking [Democrats seethe over migrant ‘political stunt’ at Martha’s Vineyard, by Alexander Bolton, The Hill, September 16, 2022]. Filmmaker Ken Burns compared it to the Holocaust. The Guardian published an article claiming the flights were “mini-ethnic cleansing” [DeSantis actions on migrants is ‘mini-ethnic cleansing’, expert warns, by Stephanie Kirchgaessner, September 19, 2022]. And a Democratic sheriff in Texas is investigating the flights as a possible crime. Many leftists and their media mouthpieces want DeSantis charged with kidnapping—yet another example of their increasing criminalization of policy differences [Texas Sheriff Investigating DeSantis’ Role in Flying Migrants to Martha’s Vineyard, by Andrew Atterbury, Politico, September 19, 2022]. An Open Borders outfit called Alianza Americas has recruited illegals to sue DeSantis for, among other things, violating their Fourth and Fourteenth amendment rights.

We saw equally hysterical responses to the busings to Chicago, New York City, and Washington, D.C. Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot said Texas Gov. Abbott lacked “morals, humanity, or shame” for sending illegals to the sanctuary city. Similar rhetoric spewed from her fellow black mayors in D.C. and New York City [Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot slams Texas Gov. Abbott as a ’man without any morals’ after sending migrant buses, by Adam Sabes and Bill Melugin, Fox News, September 1, 2022].

But there’s a crucial difference. The cities imply they want something done about the border invasion to give them relief. Thus D.C.’s Mayor Muriel Bowser recently declared a public emergency. Of course, she blamed Texas for the crisis rather than President Biden, but she implied the border crisis was real and must be solved. One official lamented that the capital had been turned into a border city by the busing—strongly indicating it’s a very bad thing to be a border city. But Bowser sees the illegals as a problem that must be handled by the federal government [DC mayor declares public emergency over migrant arrivals from Arizona and Texas, by Sonnet Swire et al., CNN, September 8, 2022].

In New York, city officials complain that they are being forced to reassess homeless policies, which allow the homeless access to shelter. “We are not reassessing the right to shelter,” said Brendan McGuire, Mayor Eric Adams’ chief counsel. “We are reassessing the city’s practices that have developed around the right to shelter.” It’s unclear what policies those are, but it could result in the exclusion of illegals from homeless facilities. The city, like D.C., is begging for the feds to solve the problem [Migrant Crisis Puts N.Y. ‘Right to Shelter’ Law to the Test, by Jeffrey C. Mays, New York Times, September 15, 2022].

Chicago has received the fewest number of illegals, but Mayor Lori Lightfoot is still outraged. She’s also demanding more resources from the federal government to affirm the Windy City’s Sanctuary status [Chicago prepares to help more migrants, by Justin Kaufmann, Axios, September 6, 2022].

Begging for federal assistance does exert pressure on Biden and his immigration underlings to stop the invasion, even though none of these mayors explicitly demand more border security. They just want the illegals off their hands and not costing their cities money.

But the Martha’s Vineyard reaction was different. Despite great outrage over the flight, the islanders professed to believe the illegals were the greatest gift the coastal enclave had ever received. News outlets proudly reported that the community rushed to greet and welcome them [After migrants arrived in Martha’s Vineyard, a community gathered to welcome them, by Jonathan Franklin and Eve Zuckoff, NPR, September 16, 2022]. CNN even reported that community members claimed the illegals “enriched” the town [‘They Enriched Us.’ Migrants’ 44-Hour Visit Leaves Indelible Mark on Martha’s Vineyard, by Ray Sanchez, CNN, September 18, 2022].

Yet while the National Guard did nothing about the illegals in the Sanctuary Cities, it quickly sprang into action to remove the illegals from the elite island (on the orders of RINO GOP governor, Charlie Baker—an irony lost on the Open Borders Left).

Winter shelter coordinator Lisa Belcastro said, “We can’t house everyone here that lives here and works here. We don’t have housing for 50 more people.”

However, the greater attention DeSantis’ Martha’s Vineyard Massacre received seems simply to have provoked the left to double-down on Open Borders. No leftist thought it necessary to blame Biden or question his border policies. No Democrat believed the illegal-alien transports should be going outside of the country aka DEPORTATION [Biden questioned on migrant surge, says ’not rational’ to ’send them back’ to Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua, Fox News, September 20, 2022]. It’s un-American to send them to Martha’s Vineyard, but it’s an expression of American values to send them to Middle America, as Biden has been doing [Media, Democrats slam DeSantis for sending migrants to Martha’s Vineyard, by Hanna Panreck, Fox News, September 19, 2022]. The only action needed by the federal government, apparently, is to punish Ron DeSantis.

Democrats are committed to bringing in as many immigrants, legal and illegal, as possible. They want Open Borders because it’s essential to their political goal of Replacing the Historic American Nation. They view any attempt at border security or immigration enforcement as “fascism.” We’re long past the days when Barack Obama would tout his deportation numbers. No Democrat will even admit the government should deport anyone. That’s why Biden emphasizes that he will only deport illegals convicted of serious crimes and will protect all others from removal. (And in fact he’s not even deporting those dangerous criminals).

But there’s still a chance the pain inflicted on Blue cities might be too much for Democrats. It’s possible these cities could curtail Sanctuary City policies to make room at their homeless shelters. It’s also possible that Biden might increase deportations of illegals from Arizona, Texas, and Florida to ensure they don’t come to D.C. and New York.

Red States must keep sending the illegals their way and maybe something will change. At least it punishes the people responsible for the invasion, rather than the Middle Americans who don’t want illegals in their country at all.

And it’s forced immigration back in the midterm discussion. Liberals can’t hide the border crisis when it arrives in their cities. This highlights the issue and makes people want to vote GOP/GAP—polls show that voters prefer border security to Open Borders and trust Republicans more than Democrats to handle the crisis [Poll: GOP is winning on the economy, immigration, by Chuck Todd, et al., NBC News, September 19, 2022]. Indeed, a recent Rasmussen survey showed that those polled think illegals do indeed belong in Sanctuary Cities [EXCLUSIVE: Most Americans Believe Migrants Should Be Sent To Sanctuary Cities, by Laurel Duggan, Daily Caller, September 22, 2022].

As long as the illegals are here, and the Biden Regime refuses to deport them, it’s great that the states send them to Sanctuary Cities.

But the pain just needs to be amplified to force Democrats to do something about the immivasion—or expose their treason to the rest of the country.

Washington Watcher II [Email him] is an anonymous DC insider.

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