Is Keeping Illegal-Alien Thugs In The Country Part Of A Plan To Terrorize The Historic American Nation Into Accepting Their Dispossession?
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Earlier: Of Course: The Deportation Of Criminals Has Dropped 63 Percent Under Let’s Go Brandon

Looking back at my last post, an observation: The 63 percent decrease in arrests and deportation of illegal-alien criminals and the 170 percent increase in arrests of “non-criminal” illegals appears to be the exact opposite of what Homeland Security Chief Mayorkas promised.

But maybe things aren’t as they appear. Maybe Mayorkas is keeping dangerous criminals here for a reason: as an army of potential terrorists and replacement enforcers.

Let me spitball for a few minutes...

Mayorkas has always said “non-criminal” illegals will not be the focus of immigration enforcement. Instead, Immigration and Customs Enforcement will target only dangerous criminals.

“The fact an individual is a removable noncitizen therefore should not alone be the basis of an enforcement action against them," Mayorkas wrote on the last day of fiscal 2021 [Guidelines For The Enforcement Of Immigration Law,, September 30, 2021]:

We will use our discretion and focus our enforcement resources in a more targeted way. Justice and our country's well-being require it.

By exercising our discretionary authority in a targeted way, we can focus our efforts on those who pose a threat to national security, public safety, and border security and thus threaten America’s well-being. We do not lessen our commitment to enforce immigration law to the best of our ability. This is how we use the resources we have in a way that accomplishes our enforcement mission most effectively and justly.

DHS implemented the no-deportation policy in December, and Mayorkas repeated the promise to let “non-criminal” illegals stay in the country during a speech to the U.S. Conference of Mayors in January:

“Unlawful presence in the United States will alone not be a basis for an immigration enforcement action but rather, we will allocate our efforts, we will allocate our resources on those individuals who present a current public safety threat, a threat to national security, or a threat to our border security, and that is a very important principle,” Mayorkas told the municipal worthies.

Four days ago, U.S. District Judge Michael Newman of the Southern District of Ohio enjoined Mayorkas’ “guidelines,” which included keeping deportable criminals in the country.

Yet we learn from the Washington Times, as VDARE reported, that enforcement efforts appear to have focused on “non-criminal” illegals.

Granted, Mayorkas’ orders didn’t take effect until November of fiscal 2021. Then again, ignoring “administrative cases”—illegals whose only offense is being here—was Bush 43’s idea, as I wrote here 11 years ago. Barack Hussein Obama declared the unpassed DREAM Act law. He too ignored “non-criminal” aliens and refused to deport them. In other words, except for four years under POTUS Trump, federal immigration authorities haven’t much cared about “non-criminal” illegals.

Now, add this piece to the puzzle. Last year in May, documents turned up by Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich in his lawsuit against the Biden Regime showed that the regime had no plans to deport more than 8,000 dangerous criminals, including these [Biden’s DHS Plan No Deportations For Illegal-Alien Murderers, Sex Offenders, by John Binder, Breitbart, May 5, 2021].  

  • 19 convicted of homicide
  • 27 convicted of sexual offenses
  • 9 convicted of sexual assault
  • 375 convicted of assault
  • 17 convicted of burglary
  • 9 convicted of commercialized sexual offenses
  • 4 convicted of kidnapping
  • 7 convicted of obscenity
  • 13 convicted of robbery
  • 19 convicted of stealing a vehicle
  • 91 convicted of larceny

So which is it? What, exactly, is the Brandon Regime’s policy?

Look more closely at the data. Though the number of arrests of “non-criminal” illegals jumped 170 percent from fiscal 2020, as the Times’ original report said, the number of “non-criminal” deportations collapsed, just as the number of criminal deportations collapsed.

Illegals deported for “other immigration violations” dropped 79 percent from 66,935 to 14,078.

Arresting illegals means nothing if they aren’t deported.

So Mayorkas not only kept his promise not to deport “non-criminal” illegals, but also broke his promise to catch and deport criminals.

But maybe that’s part of the plan to keep The Great Replacement moving forward. Why deport illegal-alien rapists and murderers when you can use them. Let the most violent and dangerous illegals stay in the country as a guerilla army that will beat the Historic American Nation into accepting its dispossession.

All the illegals become Democrat voters; maybe the violent criminals will join Black Panthers as poll watchers.


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