Of Course: The Deportation Of Criminals Has Dropped 63 Percent Under Let’s Go Brandon
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Not enforcing our immigration laws, and bragging about it, has had disastrous consequences at the border with Mexico, as we know from the Biden Rush to the border that began the day he took office.

Border agents are deluged; almost 40 percent of illegals have been released to run thither and yon across the country.

But internal enforcement—also the result of refusing to enforce the law—has collapsed as well … most notably, in the arrest and deportation of criminals. The number of deportations has fallen almost 63 percent.

Meanwhile, the arrest of “non-criminals” has increased, the Washington Times’ Stephen Dinan reported in a story that flew under VDARE’s radar last week.

EXCLUSIVE: Secret ICE data shows drop in arrests of criminals, surge in arrests of non-criminal, March 16, 2022

The federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s deportation division arrested 48% fewer convicted criminals, deported 63% fewer criminals and issued 46% fewer ‘detainer’ requests to other law enforcement agencies last year, according to data that ICE officials have tallied but have yet to release to the public.

Yet strangely, arrests of illegal immigrants with no criminal records — whom the administration has generally deemed a lower priority for enforcement — soared 170%, according to the internal ICE numbers.

The numbers, obtained by The Washington Times from a Homeland Security Department source, portray an agency that has ceded much of its traditional role of interior enforcement of immigration laws under President Biden.

Analysts said the drops in arrests and deportations of people with convictions on their records mean tens of thousands more dangerous people are out in American communities far from the southern border.

One ICE officer called the arrest and removal numbers “an acknowledgment that ICE officials are being paid not to do their job.” …

“These numbers prove that the administration’s entire enforcement regime is built on a mountain of lies,” said Stephen Miller, President Trump’s former point man on immigration issues and now the president of America First Legal, which is involved in the court challenges. “What this administration has done, as the data prove, is they have voluntarily released, by the tens of thousands, dangerous public safety threats that they have the resources to remove, and that they declined to remove as a discretionary policy choice.” …

“These numbers show [the Biden administration’s] entire stated rationale for substantially curtailing ICE enforcement is predicated on a complete falsehood,” he said. “Far from prioritizing the removal of public safety threats, they are achieving their drastic reduction in removals by freeing public safety threats into the United States.”

He also challenged ICE’s argument that it is spending its limited resources more carefully.

“ICE has the capacity to remove every single criminal alien referred by a local jurisdiction, every single year, at current funding levels,” Mr. Miller said. “What this administration has done, as the data proves, is they have voluntarily released, by the tens of thousands, dangerous public safety threats that they have the resources to remove.”

The Times’ chart (click to enlarge) paints a frightening picture of the damage done by Let’s Go Brandon’s Homeland Security Secretary, Cuban-Jewish immigrant Alejandro Mayorkas, whose monkeyshines with visas during the Obama Regime got him in trouble. Mayorkas has proudly said he will not enforce U.S. immigration. It certainly shows.

Total removals dropped 68.2 percent from 185,884 last year to 59,011 this year. Criminal deportations fell by about the same amount: 103,762 to 39,149.

The GOP’s response to Mayorkas’ malfeasance is typical.

In February, 46 members of the House of Representatives wrote a letter calling upon Mayorkas to resign because of his “complete failure to lead the department” [46 House Republicans call on Mayorkas to resign over ‘complete failure’ to lead DHS, by Adam Shaw, Fox News, February 11, 2022].

No wonder we call it The Stupid Party. Neither Mayorkas nor Brandon are “complete failures.” The signatories don’t seem to understand that Mayorkas is “leading the department.” He’s leading to help brown the country.

Biden and Mayorkas purposely opened the borders and stopped deportations—they have refused to faithfully execute the laws of the United States. They achieved the result they wanted: another step forward for The Great Replacement. Millions of illegals have jumped the border; those here when they took over have no fear of a visit from ICE. Biden is flying them into the heartland, for Heaven’s sake.

That isn’t a failure. It’s a success. Stupid Party strategerists better figure that out in the event the party retakes control of the House in November’s midterm elections.

Biden’s purposely undermining the law will be a crucial aspect of any impeachment and ensuing trial in the Senate.


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