America’s Jacobin Moment—Will It Inspire A Counter-Revolution?
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The Supreme Court mandated gay marriage for all fifty states, in what is being celebrated as a bold stand for equality. Of course, all the Supreme Court really did is ratify the opinion of the Ruling Class: Big Business, the Main Stream Media, and the academic and bureaucratic Establishments:

Regardless of its merits as policy, the Court’s decision on marriage was undeniably a judicial coup d’état by America’s home-grown Jacobins. It capped what may have been the worst week in history for movement conservatives. Just to review what else happened in the last few days:

Voters who delivered a crushing victory for the GOP in the midterm elections must be wondering what the point was.

Yet this week did not just reveal the impotence of the Beltway Right. It also saw the beginning of a truly frightening witch hunt that reveals how members of the historic American nation will not just be politically dispossessed but personally punished for any views perceived as out of step with the emerging Third World America.

And we got a sneak peek of the tactics to come.

  • Truth is no defense - you can be punished for mentioning “Hatefacts”

The scapegoating of the Council of Conservative Citizens for the murderous actions of Dylann Roof continued, even though the CCC’s “motivation” consisted of nothing more than pointing out the racial realities of crime. uses the term “hatefact” to describe objectively truthful statements that are nonetheless perceived as offensively Politically Incorrect. This week saw the term lose its ironic connotation. Truthfully reporting crime is now enough for one to be accused of having “allegedly inspired” a killer – and the MSM won’t even bother to get the name of your group right [Kyle Rogers: Conservative Christian Council Leader Denies Dylan Roof Connection, Inquisitr, June 24, 2015]

Needless to say, if the same rules applied to the MSM’s far less accurate and objective coverage of police shootings and the violence that has resulted, you could count the number of innocent journalists on one hand.

  • Dissident groups will have their tax exempt status revoked

Part of the MSM’s campaign against the CCC consists of Point and Sputter articles about the CCC’s tax exempt status. Some of these are even coming from ostensibly conservative websites such as Newsmax [Supremacist group tied to SC shootings has tax-exempt status, by Melissa Clyne, June 26, 2015].

Of course, it won’t just be race-realist organizations that will have their tax exempt status revoked. It will also be any churches that refuse to host a gay wedding. In fact, President Obama’s Solicitor General admitted this would be an “issue” if the Court legalized gay marriage [Could religious institutions lose tax-exempt status over Supreme Court’s gay marriage case? By Sarah Pulliam Bailey, Washington Post, April 28, 2015]. Of course, black churches, many of whom openly engage in electioneering, will continue be exempt from the rules everyone else has to follow—a reality taken for granted by lawyers operating in the non-profit area [Eric Holder, IRS officials coached tax-exempt black ministers on how to engage in political activity, by Patrick Howley, Daily Caller, September 13, 2013].

  • Economic Strangulation will be encouraged by the MSM

The MSM, far from encouraging a robust debate on important issues, largely exists to choke out dissent. This includes strangling the finances of dissident groups and trying to prevent them from getting advertisers.

In a recent example, Jared Taylor's New Century Foundation lost advertising revenue from Newsmax and Taboola when USA Today wrote an article denouncing groups that ran advertisements on sites “who helped inspire one of America’s most notorious killers” [Cash flood puts politicos, advertisers in bed with racists: Column, by Cristina Cabrera and David Mastio, June 25, 2015]. Interestingly, one of the “research assistants” for the hit piece was one Jenna Adamson, a fellow for the “conservative” Collegiate Network.

  • The Purges Will Continue (Until Morale Improves)

The jihad against the Confederate Flag defied satire as sites including Amazon, Ebay, and Google banned sales of the battle flag. Communist and even Nazi memorabilia are still available, however, though presumably the latter will eventually be banned. It remains to be seen if “offensive” books will be purged, but as the fatal step has already been taken against a symbol perceived as “mainstream” only a week ago, that kind of censorship can’t be far behind.

Even people who want to remain apolitical find themselves being caught up in the online terror campaign. For example, every Civil War game once available on the App Store for use on the iPhone has now been purged, meaning that developers have just had their work randomly destroyed [Apple removes all American Civil War games from the App Store because of the Confederate flag, by Tasos Lazarides, TouchArcade, June 25, 2015]. If merely having a Confederate flag in a game about the Civil War is beyond the pale, what isn’t?

And, needless to say, the life-destroying purges against individuals for single posts on social networking or membership in certain groups are accelerating. For example, a police officer was just fired for a “selfie” featuring Confederate flag underwear. Interestingly, the officer was not fired for allowing a picture to get out of him in his underwear (which was obviously unprofessional) but because he was associated with a symbol of “hate and oppression.” If he had been wearing a shirt or a Confederate re-enactor uniform, presumably there would have been the same result. [North Charleston cop fired for posing in Confederate flag underwear on Facebook, by Michael Miller, Washington Post, June 26, 2015].

Two police officers in Alabama had also been fired for their participation in the pro-Southern League of the South, even before Roof’s rampage [Two Alabama cops ousted for membership in Confederate hate group, by Rachelle Blinder, New York Daily News, June 20, 2015].

Leftists traditionally claim negotiation is possible even with terrorists. Former Republican and current Democratic candidate for President Lincoln Chafee even said he would negotiate with ISIS [Lincoln Chafee talks peace with Islamic State, Forgiveness for Edward Snowden, and the Metric System for all, by David Weigel and Ben Brody, Bloomberg, June 3, 2015]

Yet now it seems that acknowledging the sacrifice of those who died defending the Southern Confederacy is beyond the pale. Even grave desecration is being advocated by elected officials. [Memphis Mayor Wants to Dig Up Dead Confederate War General, by Todd Starnes, Fox News, June 26, 2015]

How should Americans and especially Southerners respond to this unprecedented cultural offensive? Partially, they are trapped by their allegiance to the Republican Party.


Because Democrats have written off rural whites and because rural whites have no political home, many believe there is no political price to be paid for the anti-Confederate Kulturkampf. [How polarization weakened Confederate flag support, by Sean Trende, Real Clear Politics, June 25, 2015] Both economically and culturally, many whites are simply being cut out of the System.

But, paradoxically, this provides an opportunity for people willing to create new alternatives. One example of unintended consequences in action: the surge in sales for Confederate flags after the bans by major online retailers. Smaller flag stories, including, presumably, the “Patriotic Flags” store advertised on the CCC’s website, are reaping the benefits [Who will sell Confederate flags now? By Ali Montag, CBNC, June 24, 2015].

And we can imagine a political equivalent. From the candidacy of Donald Trump in the GOP to Jim Webb in the Democrats, the 2016 election could see the rebirth of Sam Francis’s Middle American Radicals, as mostly white voters in both parties look for an alternative that is increasingly closed off to them. As political repression and cultural indoctrination becomes more repressive and stifling, the spirit of revolt may emerge in surprising ways as people search for alternatives to another Bush vs. Clinton election.

Completely unexpectedly, Roe v. Wade triggered a Right To Life movement that now terrifies GOP operatives. Two generations ago, George Wallace transformed the American political system and pointed the path to GOP nation-wide victories that its operatives have only just recently forgotten.

Here’s hoping. After all, we already have the perfect symbol for a good old fashioned rebellion.

James Kirkpatrick [Email him] is a Beltway veteran and a refugee from Conservatism Inc.

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