Bar Stars And Bars? Bah!
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A snippet from the forthcoming Radio Derb, making a point I have not so far seen made in the hullabaloo about the Confederate flag:

[The] particular target [of the Cultural Marxists], at the center of this current wave of hysteria, has been the Confederate flag, the Stars and Bars, which is still displayed both publicly and privately all over the South.
(It is also, I noted with interest while in Virginia earlier this month, sold in full-size versions at the Visitor Centers you find at Civil War battlefields run by the National Park Service, an agency within the Federal Department of the Interior. The current Secretary of the Interior in Barack Obama's cabinet is Sally Jewell, who is — like me — an immigrant from England. I wonder if she knows that her Department stocks and sells Confederate flags? Perhaps someone should ask her.)

UPDATE: Someone did: National Park Service Removes Confederate Flag Merchandise From Gift Shops, Newsweek (Reuters), June 25, 2015

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