The Great Replacement: Fact or Theory? | VDARE Video Bulletin
May 17, 2022, 07:05 PM
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The Great Replacement - Theory or Fact?

In his manifesto, Peyton Gendron, the 18-year-old who committed last weekends shocking Saturday killings in Buffalo, NY, says he was motivated by what he saw as the displacement of his race by anti-white government policies, above all mass non-traditional immigration, which he refers to as “The Great Replacement”

Since the Buffalo shooting, Regime Media, in typically coordinated unison, have decreed that Americans must be silenced from discussing “Great Replacement Theory.” The truth is that the Great Replacement is not a “theory”---it is a fact.

And it is nowhere more a fact than in Buffalo, where the White (aka American) population fell from 99% in 1920 to 43% in 2020.

Do note the emergence of two new post-1965 Immigration Act-imported minorities, Hispanics and Asians, which appear in Buffalo’s demographics starting in the 1990s. 

Also significantly, note that the real collapse of Buffalo’s white population began after 1950. That was in the wake of the Supreme Court’s Shelley v. Kraemer decision, which meant that white working-class communities were no longer allowed to shelter themselves from the impact of the black Great Migration from the South.

Peter Brimelow writes for

The Ruling Class’s problem is not that guerrilla Dissident Right websites, and the heroic Tucker Carlson,  have Noticed the Great Replacement.

It is that the Great Replacement is undeniably happening—and that it is the result of Federal Government policy.

It’s what I have been calling, since 1997,  Electing a New People.

White Americans have been targeted for racial replacement. Everyone knows it. The Ruling Class simply declines to acknowledge its culpability in gloating about Middle America’s dispossession—here’s Joe Biden gloating about it:

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