White Flight After The Greater Migration: Will Blacks Hollow Out European And Australian Inner Cities Like They Did America's?
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The growth of black gang violence in far-off Australia raises an interesting question that I can barely find discussed anywhere online: white flight in other countries.

The Great Migration of 6 or 7 million African-Americans from the South to Northern cities in the 1940s-1970s contributed heavily to white flight to the suburbs. With sub-Saharan Africa forecast to quadruple in population to 4 billion over the rest of the century, first world countries need to be thinking seriously about what would be the impact of a Greater Migration of blacks out of Africa of one or two orders of magnitude greater than the Great Migration that caused so much havoc in 20th Century urban America.

So what do other countries think about this prospect? I can’t find much in English on the topic of white flight in Europe.

I suspect that lots of European elites think that It Can’t Happen Here because:

  • They don’t really grasp that it ever happened in America. After all, it’s not a subject for respectable discourse in the American press.
  • Unlike us, white Americans are racist, so they deserved whatever it was that happened to them.
  • We’ll send the migrants to the boring suburbs instead, and keep the lovely downtowns for ourselves.
  • We have gun control, so how bad can things get?

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