Restrictive Covenants To Maintain Property Values Were Banned In 1948—How's That Working Out?
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In the past, land titles many white neighborhoods had "restrictive covenants" stating that the land could only be sold to another white person. This was meant to maintain property values, a reason the Supreme Court said was not good enough. [Eric Holder, Freedom Of Association, And The Forgotten Case For Restrictive Covenants, August 27, 2013]

The most destructive SCOTUS case (Shelley v. Kraemer, 1948) was based around three cases on restrictive covenants: one came from St. Louis.

The "Shelley House" is a National Historic Landmark.

Here's a black-and-white historical photograph.


Here's the house in roughly in 2011:


I looked on Google Maps/street view.... look at the house today (below).

Shelly 2014

This is... unbelievable.

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