Will "Sheldon Adelson Minion" Lindsey Graham Come Out As First Gay Presidential Contender?
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Lindsey Graham and friend

While Jeff Sessions used his segment of the Loretta Lynch Attorney General confirmation hearings to sink her candidacy Lindsey Graham (Scalawag – SC) had an entirely different objective. He
spoke for about 75 seconds about the Wire Act during the hearing, the transcript of which is below:

Lindsey Graham: Are you familiar with the decision by the Office of Legal Counsel in 2011 to basically say that the prohibition of the Wire Act was limited to sporting events and contests?

Loretta Lynch: I am generally familiar with that.

Lindsey Graham: Do you agree with that decision?

Loretta Lynch: I haven't read that decision, Senator

Graham cut Lynch off at least twice during the conversation and seemed generally disinterested in her responses, instead using the critical confirmation hearings to spread Adelson's agenda.

Sheldon Adelson Minion Asks About Wire Act During AG Confirmation By Dan Cypra PocketFives.com Jan 30th, 2015

Graham suddenly developed an unprecedented interest in banning online gambling when in his Primary campaign last year as I reported at the time. It is a Sheldon Adelson obsession: TownHall reported this week
Las Vegas gambling mogul Sheldon Adelson received a private briefing with Republican members of the House Judiciary Committee in the second week of January.

The meeting sends a strong signal that the billionaire…will not retreat away from his desire to outlaw legal and regulated Internet gaming by the states.

Adelson Visits DC to Reboot Effort to Outlaw Online Gambling  Neil McCabe Jan 28 2015

Unfortunately far more than online gambling may be at stake. Contemplating Lindsey Graham to test 2016 Republican presidential waters By Steve Holland and Susan Cornwell Reuters Thu Jan 29, 2015 a ghastly thought crystallized: Is Lindsey Graham about to declare as the first Gay presidential candidate?

Graham of course is famously unmarried and insinuations about his sexuality are commonplace in South Carolina. VDARE.com has never chosen to raise them – if memory serves our old friend Bill Gheen of ALIPAC was not so scrupulous.

Our problem with Graham is that he is a Neocon stooge and a Treason Lobby minion, anxious to do the bidding of the American Left Nomenklatura. That is why he is allowed such ludicrous Sunday Talk Show overexposure. His triggering of the Birthright Citizenship issue in 2010 seems to have been a just blunder

Now the stampede of Conservatism Inc vermin and parasites to support Jeb Bush which has frightened Mitt Romney out of the 2016 race means to me that Adelson has (despite denials) settled on Bush as his main horse. But very rich men often maintain stables of racehorses. Graham would be insurance if the profoundly obnoxious Bush stumbles.

Mike Huckabee is if course begging for the role: he can forget it. Because Thanks, Harry Reid: GOP Owner Sheldon Adelson Confirmed As Social Leftist. As one of the most insightful essays on Adelson I have ever seen said in back in 2008

To whom don’t you see Adelson handing out large sums? Groups trying to ban abortion or same-sex marriage. Groups hoping to convince the public that man-caused global warming’s a hoax. Groups working to build anti-Mexican fences or line our borders with gun-toting vigilantes….

His business practices speak for themselves. The Venetian wedding chapel warmly welcomes gay couples to celebrate their unions.

In my view, to the extent that Sheldon Adelson thinks at all about America when making political donations, he is motivated by anti-white animosity and a determination to block the GOP emerging as the Generic American Party. In this his thinking is actually quite commonplace.

Think what fun it would be to force a homosexual Presidential candidate on the Rednecks! And of course it would unbalance the Gay mafia so influential in the MSM.

Don’t laugh. Who would have though an African despot could be President of the United States?

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