Is Cash Avalanche Sweeping GOP Into Amnesty Acquiescence?
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S Adelson

S Adelson: "My orders are, swing Left!"

Could it be that all this hoop-la about the GOP being more open to Amnesty aka “immigration reform” and Minority Outreach generally reflects not a (highly questionable) reaction to the 2012 election but simply the fact that unprecedented amounts of cash are being been made available to those willing to sing the Treason Lobby song?

Consider the tasteless advertorial carried by Politico on Thursday Republican group readies immigration blitz By Alexander Burns and Maggie Haberman 2/28 13

The American Action Network is poised to launch a major advocacy campaign aimed at winning support for immigration reform on the right...

AAN officials described the campaign in detail to POLITICO, outlining how the organization aims to drum up support for both immigration legislation and Republican budget proposals in the coming months.

This account got right to their main argument

The nonprofit group and an affiliated super PAC, the Congressional Leadership Fund, spent a combined $55 million on advocacy and electioneering in 2011 and 2012, officials said. With $44 million of that total coming from AAN – a number that hasn’t previously been shared – the group can expect to have substantial resources for its policy messaging going forward.

and was able to provide concrete evidence

The immigration effort will begin this weekend with a six-figure television buy featuring former Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez urging voters to support fixing “a broken system.” It is branded as a message from the Hispanic Leadership Network, an arm of AAN…(Gutierrez recently resigned from a senior position at Citigroup to helm a super PAC focused on immigration.)

This of course brings to mind RINO Congressman’s Steve LaTourette’s abrupt resignation from Congress last July, followed by his resurfacing in January heading up a SuperPac intended to enforce Inside-the-Beltway conformism in Congressional elections as I discussed in Business Opportunity In DC: Suppressing GOP Grass Roots. Also, of course, the sad case of Jim DeMint.

In order for men like Gutierrez to leave satisfactory positions in established institutions, they need considerable confidence that funding will be forthcoming to sustain their new posts. Apparently those assurances have been given.

From whom? The Politico article:

As a registered nonprofit, AAN does not have to disclose its donors; the CLF super PAC does disclose and received money in 2012 from pillars of the Republican donor community such as gambling magnate Sheldon Adelson, Texas homebuilder Bob Perry and the oil company Chevron.

This is becoming too much of a pattern. In 2012, deference to large donors plausibly explained Romney’s back pedaling on Immigration, throwing away of the Chick-fil-A opportunity, excessive deference to Israel, and crazy spurning of the Ron Paul faction. And I believe it is the answer to the question I asked in Immigration And Administrative Amnesty: What Specter Is Haunting The GOP? The House leadership in the 112th Congress not only did nothing on issues like Birthright Citizenship, E-Verify and Official English, but in addition connived at Obama’s shredding of Immigration enforcement – because that is what large donors wanted.

It would be pleasant to take comfort in the idea that this merely represents a feeding frenzy by loot-crazed Conservatism Inc operatives as seen in the Romney Campaign. And indeed the Politico essay reported an intention to engage in Television advertising, indentified by Morton Blackwell as the easiest way to siphon money out of a political movement.

But this overlooks the Democrats. Unlike during the election, their interests coincide with the objectives with which the GOP lobbyists have been tasked. If the latter succeed in containing the Patriotic elements on the Republican side, the Democratic objective of electing a New People will be much easier. 

Furthermore the men known to be furnishing the funds are not credulous Meg Whitmans They are highly motivated and focused.

Motivated by what? Well, this week The Daily Beast carried Sheldon Adelson, the Billionaire Who Bankrupted Me by John L. Smith Feb 28, 2013. This is a revealing discussion of the tactics employed by Adelson (of course the largest source of Treason Lobby funding) to torment a reporter who had written something he resented.

Secrecy – furtiveness - was one element:

Adelson offered to place $200,000 in a medical and education account for my daughter’s benefit, in exchange for me signing an onerous and untrue letter of apology. I also couldn’t disclose the account’s existence to my bosses at the Las Vegas Review-Journal where I was, and still am, a columnist. Needless to say, I rejected the offer

 (My emphasis)

More significantly Smith writes

I’ll never forget how hurt he sounded during a deposition when he reminisced about childhood battles with some mean-spirited Irish kids in his Dorchester neighborhood. How strange and sad, I thought. After all these decades, those childhood slights still weigh on his mind.

How strange and sad that America’s fate in the 2013 Immigration War may well be decided by torrents of raw cash and, borrowing from Larry Auster on Mayor Bloomberg

a fantastical tribal drama enacting itself in

Sheldon Adelson’s head.

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