Sunday Talk Shows: Ignore Immigration - Make War On Syria!
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Damascus: To MSM, who rules here more important than who is American

With Open Borders fanatic Judiciary Chairman Leahy planning to mark-up the 2013 Amnesty/Immigration Acceleration Bill – potentially the most important Immigration legislation in a generation, possibly two – in less than 2 weeks, you might think the Sunday Talk shows would pay the subject some attention.

Wrong. Like last week, the subject is taboo according to Politico’s Sunday talk show tip sheet.

But the Sunday Talk Show Politburo has dictated an alternative. After yet another lavish serving of Cowboys and Indians drama about the Chechnyan Boston bombing Fox News Sunday, This Week, Face the Nation and Meet the Press are all proposing to talk about Syria. Maybe the Owners are hoping to whip up enough hysteria to harvest another war.

The last two shows are providing this week’s installments of the ludicrous overexposure of Senators Lindsey Graham and John McCain.

There is of course absolutely no way that events in Syria could ever be remotely as important to America as this Nation-Breaking Bill now pending.

Of the 34 persons slated to appear on these shows, only two, Representative Marsha Blackburn (R-TN - Numbers USA career ranking B+) and Jason Chaffetz (R-UT Numbers - USA career ranking A+) are demonstrably not rotten on immigration. They are in a discussion panel on CNN’s State of the Union but the only announced topic for the show is “the Boston Bombing investigation”.

As Peter Brimelow noted today MSM censorship on Immigration issues is breathtaking. Shades of the Paul/Foreign Policy Debate atrocity.

Last weekend I mentioned I was just finishing Anne Applebaum’s fine book Iron Curtain The Crushing Of Eastern Europe 1944-56. The Communist obsession with shutting down all but party-line participation in those poor countries’ media is exactly parallel.  

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