Cornpone Populist Huckabee Bows to Cheap Labor Lobby
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91e+UfdOjsL[1]Mike Huckabee, like Rand Paul, jukes wildly from Left to Right depending on the political needs of the movement.  Huckabee is currently mired in a mini-scandal about whether he called female Foxnews hosts "trashy."  [Huckabee Denies 'Trashing' Women of Foxnews, by Joe Kovacs, WND, January 28, 2015]  Fresh from that political triumph, Huckabee has decided that as his presidential run would be defined by his image as a country populist, he better show the big donors that he'll be obedient where it matters.
...[M]ike Huckabee again defended his decision as Arkansas governor to grant the children of illegal immigrants in-state tuition at state universities.

But he also went a step further, hinting that those children should be put on a path to citizenship — a position more in line with Democrats and DREAMers than some of Huckabee’s more conservative Republican peers who are also weighing bids for the presidency...

The question about immigration was put to Huckabee by a member of the audience at the Richmond Convention Center, who asked Huckabee to clarify remarks he made Sunday on “Meet The Press.” “You don't punish a child for something his parents did,” Huckabee said on that program, as he did again Tuesday.

[In Virginia, Huckabee defends DREAMer benefits, by Rebecca Berg, Washington Examiner, January 28, 2015]

We can already see the outlines of a future Huckabee run.  He'll wave the Bible and pitch the woo at the rubes but where it matters he's no different than Jeb Bush... and maybe quite a bit worse than Mitt Romney, who isn't so great himself.
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