Why DOESN’T The Biden Administration Worry About Mexican Fentanyl Deaths, Instead Of Trying To Take Americans’ Guns Away?
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On Twitter, Second Amendment scholar and gun rights litigator Kostas Moros asks a question:

I’ll quote the text:

Biden tweets about gun control a couple times a week, meanwhile illegal fentanyl has killed over a quarter million Americans in four years, many more than gun-related deaths even if you count suicides. Most of this illegal drug comes from (or through) Mexico, and the supplies come from China. Why hasn’t border security been a huge priority for Biden, given that reality? Why are we not suing Mexico the way they are suing us over guns? When you start to pay attention to all the crime and death they ignore, it becomes clear that the push for draconian gun control is for authoritarian motives, not ”safety”.

Here are some of the things we’ve been talking about as far as fentanyl is concerned:

And a video:

We’ve also commented on the issue of gun control (taking guns from non-criminals), which Leftists prefer to crime control (”mass incarceration,” the death penalty, and stop-and-frisk, i.e., taking guns from criminals).

I think the key concept is a speech I gave in 2013 called Gun Control—Like Immigration Law, Enforced Only Against Those Who Obey It.

In terms of the immigration debate, the gun laws are part of a group of laws that only apply to Americans.

  • Do you pay taxes? Illegals don’t, they get paid under the table.
  • Do you pay health insurance? Illegals don’t, they go to the emergency room anyhow.
  • Do you have car insurance? Illegals drive without it.
  • Will they lose their license as a result? No, they don’t have licenses.

Activists keep preventing police from locking up unlicensed illegals, and also from impounding cars.

All those laws don’t, de facto, apply to illegals.

And now they don’t want to enforce the law against drug smuggling because it might stop the flow of illegals.

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