Bloomberg, Gun Control, And Stop And Frisk
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Following my Taki column, Ross Douthat has a good NYT column on New York's Mayor Bloomberg:

The leading gun control chorister was Michael Bloomberg, and this was fitting, because on a range of issues New York’s mayor has become the de facto spokesman for the self-consciously centrist liberalism of the Acela Corridor elite. Like so many members of that class, Bloomberg combines immense talent with immense provincialism: his view of American politics is basically the famous New Yorker cover showing Manhattan’s West Side overshadowing the world, and his bedrock assumption is that the liberal paternalism with which New York is governed can and should be a model for the nation as a whole. 
It’s an assumption that cries out to be challenged by a thoughtful center-right. If you look at the specific proposals being offered by Bloomberg and others, some just look like reruns of assault weapon regulations that had no obvious effect the last time they were tried. Others still might have an impact on gun violence, but only at a cost: the popular idea of cracking down hard on illegal handguns, for instance, would probably involve “stop and frisk” on a huge scale, and might throw more young men in prison at a time when our incarceration rates are already too high.

In other words, Bloomberg has a comprehensive strategy to maximize real estate values in New York City by pushing out as many "young men" = youths = ... and otherwise neutralize their ability to cause homicidal problems as much as possible. Chicago under Mayor Emanuel is trying much the same thing, but is so far botching the execution, with the remaining Chicago youths shooting each other in numbers large enough to put some second thoughts into gentrifiers.  

As Mayor Rahm might say, never let a crisis go to waste. It would be nice to not let the crisis of an uptick in the number of spectacular suicide terrorist shootings go to waste in the long term game of undoing the Great Migration and gentrifying the supercities. Obviously, these media frenzy shootings constitute a tiny percentage of all gun deaths, but white on white mass shootings are too mediagenic to allow to go to waste. 

Let's use Google News to see how many other pundits are noticing the organic connection between Bloomberg's enthusiasm for gun control and for stop and frisk:

mayor bloomberg "gun control"

brings up 24,200 news articles of recent weeks.

But Google News

mayor bloomberg "gun control" "stop and frisk"

Seven out those 24,200 mention "stop and frisk:"



Bloomberg, LaPierre and the Void

New York Times-Dec 22, 2012
The leading gun control chorister was MichaelBloomberg, and this was fitting, because on a range of issues New York's mayor has become the de facto ... for instance, would probably involve “stop and frisk” on a huge scale, ...



Guns, Race and America's Collective Psychosis

CounterPunch-Dec 21, 2012
... “Up w/Chris Hayes” praised Mayor Bloomberg for his gun-controlpolicies. Nothing about his stop and frisk Gestapo policy, which led 640,000 ...



Michael Bloomberg, Dianne Feinstein, Dan Malloy and More ...

Daily Beast-Dec 16, 2012
Gun control should be Obama's "number one priority,"Bloomberg added. ... mayor also defended his city's controversial “Stop and Frisk” policy, ...
Gun control should be Obama's "number one priority," Bloomberg added. Don’t think Bloomberg is going liberal yet, the mayor also defended his city's controversial “Stop and Frisk” policy, which disproportionately targets black and Latino residents, calling it "proactive policing." "We send our police officers to problem places where there are problem people," Bloomberg said.



New York Gun Control: After Newtown Shooting, Renewed Pressure ...

Huffington Post-Dec 17, 2012
blockquote> This video, posted to YouTube by Mayor Bloomberg'soffice, ... target="_hplink">racial biasin the NYPD's stop-and-friskpolicy.

What we don't know about Joe Lhota

Capital New York-Dec 20, 2012
He'd also have a real shot at winning over thatBloomberg-loving, ... Lhota can't be taken entirely seriously as a potential mayor yet is that the public, ... has on education policy, stop-and-friskgun control and U.S. policy in the ...



Media, politicians obscure social roots of Connecticut shooting

World Socialist Web Site-Dec 17, 2012
The focus on gun control is, in part, aimed at evading discussion of the more ... out most clearly by New York's billionaire mayor, Michael Bloomberg... rights associated with the “stop and frisk” policy of aggressive searches of...


The Connecticut Massacre And America's Culture of Violence

Black Star News-Dec 19, 2012
Some politicians are now saying gun control must be addressed to stop ... Mayor Michael Bloomberg is now speaking out on anti-gun initiatives. ... NYPD including the racist Stop-and-Frisk procedures, which target Black men...
So, three leftist sites, a few wrap-ups, a few miscellaneous, and Ross. Will anybody grasp what Ross is even talking about?

In general, white people in American love to hate each other so much that it is very hard for them to empathize with each other, even over something as obvious as that gun control makes more sense in the city than in the country.
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