Fentanyl Is Still Making Its Way Across the Border, But Does the Ruling Class Even Care?
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See, earlier (2015) Ann Coulter: OK, Who Ordered The Mexican Heroin? and much earlier, by Sam Francis: What We Really Get From Mexico, November 21, 2002.

What happens when a country ignores border security and instead focuses on carrying out missionary nation-building projects abroad?

Just peep down at our southern neighbor Mexico to see what happens when America doesn’t get its backyard in order.

Mexican drug cartels have been raking in big bucks trafficking fentanyl and methamphetamines in recent years. According to U.S. authorities, Mexico is the source of 90% of illegal drugs that are moved across the border

Although Mexico is working to legalize marijuana, drug cartels are not losing any sleep from this move since fentanyl continues to be their principal cash cow. This has alerted Mexican authorities, who have been seizing large amounts of fentanyl as of late.

Per the Financial Times:

“On that basis, the trend is worrying. While U.N. data show a 10-fold plunge in marijuana seizures in Mexico in less than a decade — from 2.3 million kilograms in 2010 to 231,000 in 2018 — fentanyl seizures rose nearly 500% last year to 1.3 million kilos, according to Mexico’s defense minister.”

[For Mexico’s drug cartels, there are big profits to be made in fentanyl, by Jude Webber, Financial Times, April 28, 2021]

As for the shipment of fentanyl to the US, that’s also on the rise:

Shipments are increasing, too. Since October 2020 alone, US border officials seized 2,234kg of fentanyl — 3 per cent more than they found in the October 2019-September 2020 fiscal year. Fentanyl is also finding its way into heroin and other drugs, making them more addictive and more deadly. According to the DEA, “since the initial disruption of Covid-19, Mexican cartels have reinforced supplies of precursor materials, increased production and are sending larger fentanyl and methamphetamine loads into the US”.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), over 81,000 Americans died from overdoses in 2020, largely driven by fentanyl [CDC: Overdoses Hit Record 81,230; Accelerated During Coronavirus Pandemic, Joel B. Pollak, Breitbart, December 20, 2020]. As American civil society has imploded and social bonds have frayed, countless young Americans turn to drugs as a dangerous form of escapism from the hollow modernity that surrounds them.

It never occurs to the “enlightened” minds in DC that leaving a border wide open for the sake of boosting the GDP comes with enormous social costs. Nor does it ever register with foreign policy bigwigs that policing the entire planet while skimping on border security is a recipe for destabilization.

As I’ve stated before, the ruling class’s priorities are completely distorted. For the uniparty, business and foreign interests come first, Americans come dead last. Forget whatever bogeyman the corporate media and the intelligence community claims is America’s greatest threat; the Globalist American Empire remains the #1 enemy of the American people.

As long as this political structure remains in place, don’t ever expect patriotic immigration reform to ever be taken seriously.

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