Vladimir Putin—Immigration Patriot
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In my morning news trawl, two items jumped from the net and bit me.


Mosques in NYC struggle to house and feed an influx of Muslim migrants this Ramadan, by Philip Marcelo, AP, April 2, 2024

The latest migrant surge has seen more than 185,000 asylum seekers arrive in New York City since the spring of 2022, with Africans from majority Muslim nations such as Senegal, Guinea and Mauritania among the top nationalities represented in new cases in federal immigration courts in the state.

(You need not bother with the rest, which is all sob story.)


In Russia Mass Deportations Of Muslim Migrants Surge After Moscow Terror Attack, by Tylor Durden, ZeroHedge, April 2, 2024

There have been widespread reports of mass deportations of Muslim migrants from Russia in the wake of the March 22 terror attack.

This appears to be generalized action, not just aimed at the “Islamic extremists” President Putin has blamed for the attack.

The regional pro-opposition outlet Meduza has said that in the last week of March, St. Petersburg courts ”received 584 cases of administrative offenses in connection with non-compliance with migration legislation.”

The report indicated that at least 418 foreigners were then ordered to go to special holding facilities to await expulsion from the country…

Have any of the now quite numerous Muslim shootings in America—in San Bernardino, the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, or Boulder, Colorado—produced such action?

This put me in mind of a campaign we conducted over a decade ago culminating in Netanyahu For President! (4)

When Egypt’s President Mubarak fell in early 2011, Israel was rapidly faced with an existential problem: an accelerating influx of black Africans claiming to be refugees. Israel is the only white country with an African land border. Israel could have easily been swamped.

It seems that the Israelis had an agreement with Mubarak to preempt these immivaders. It is said that the Egyptians just shot them. Post-Mubarak, this lapsed.

Netanyahu acted immediately with courage and decision. He had already realized the likely damage to Israel’s social fabric and realized what would happen if he did nothing, He rapidly had a wall built which was a total success. He then launched a vigorous deportation campaign, which involved a huge fight with Israel’s Judiciary. (Israel’s Judiciary is even more of a menace to the country than SCOTUS is to America.)

Putin, in my opinion for no good reason, has always been unpopular with the American elite. And Netanyahu’s Fan Club seems to be diminishing.

Probably because they look after the nations they govern very well.

Time for Putin for President?


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