Adelson's Israel HaYom Downplays Stunning Success Of Sinai Fence: Inconvenient For Amnesty/ Immigration Surge Marketing Campaign?
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Border f

Israel's Egyptian border fence. NB armed IDF man.

Yesterday Israel HaYom, the free Israeli newspaper with which owner Sheldon Adelson is distorting the Israeli media market as much as he is the operations of the GOP, came out with a peculiar headline: Infiltrators sneak into Israel despite completion of security fence by Lilach Shoval April 28 2013. This announces-
For the first time since the recent construction of the security fence along Israel's border with Egypt, four African infiltrators and five other individuals managed to breach the barrier and enter Israel during April
but also reports
The African infiltrators, who scaled the 5-meter (16-foot) fence to enter Israel illegally, were apprehended by Israel Defense Forces patrols in the area and transferred to the Saharonim detention center near the border, where by law they will be held for at least three years
(My emphasis. No ‘Catch and Release’ for Israel!).

The IDF response was

"During the month of March, upon completion of the fence on the western border, only two infiltrators managed to enter Israel, in contrast with the 1,611 infiltrators in March last year," the IDF Spokesperson's Unit said in a statement.
As Steve Sailer has remarked
Generally speaking, much can be learned from Israel about how an intelligent people govern themselves.
Prior to Mubarak’s fall in February 2011, the Israelis had apparently successfully hired the Egyptians to police the Sinai frontier, which was done by the brisk method of shooting many of the African migrants. When that ended, the Israelis promptly built a border fence, the success of which has been so complete as to be acknowledged even by The New York Times. has long maintained that the example of the Netanyahu Government on immigration issues should be followed by America.

Unfortunately there is a critical difference between the two countries. The Israeli ruling class cares about the welfare of their fellow countrymen. The American elite despise theirs.

Could it be that commenting positively on Israel’s fence triumph is inconvenient in the light of Adelson’s wishes for America?

As it happens, Mickey Kaus discusses the issue today: Today’s Gang of 8 Fraud: The Fence! The Daily Caller 04/29/2013

Psst, Krauthammer! Rubio has already caved on the border fence: Charles Krauthammer says he would “like to strike [an immigration] deal now where we get the strongest enforcement possible… a fence from left to right, from east to west, except obviously the mountainous areas. We know that fences work.”
Kaus points out that the Amnesty/Immigration Acceleration Bill gives the Feds the freedom to not actually do anything about the fence:
If you wanted a bill to require that an actual fence be built, you would write a bill that required that an actual fence be built, with real consequences if that doesn’t happen.

If you want to write a bill that won’t result in a fence being built but that might con conservatives into thinking it will be, you will throw in lots of meaningless references to possible ”double layer fencing” even though DHS might not decide to build even a foot of that kind of fencing (and none is mandated).

That’s what Rubio and his gang have written.

He concludes
What if Krauthammer were this gullible about the Middle East?
I am not sure that gullibility is the issue.


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